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Are you interested in participating in international competitions? Many of you may have heard about the Nuremberg trial, held in world war ll, which led to the formation of the Nuremberg court, where different competitions are held. People from different countries like Canada, the United States and Australia are keen to know about the Nuremberg trials. 

In this article, we will learn about the Nuremberg Trials 2022.

What is the Nuremberg Trial?

The Nuremberg trial is referred to as the series held in World War ll. It was held in Germany, Nuremberg, by Allied Forces within laws of war and international law. These trials were noticed mainly by the Nazis, who took part in the war crimes. These trials were held between 20 November 1945 – 1 October 1946.

Major war criminals were the initial and well-known trial before IMT. Sir Norman Birkett as the ‘greatest history trial.’ IMT stands for International Military Tribunal, which was the trial of 24 paramount military and political leaders of the Reich Third.

Nuremberg 2 Trials Against Humanity

Several things were subjected to crimes in that era, and people were sent for trial if they violated the conditions. War crimes, wars of aggression, crimes against humanity are the matters that led to the creation of the International Criminal Court.

The trial against humanity could be defined as the execution of extermination, deportation, murder, and other acts related to the inhumanity that are practiced against a civilian person, during or before the war, or on religious and racial grounds, crime within the jurisdiction, or violation of any domestic law. Abolition slave trade, Tokyo trial comes under the origin of this trial.

Nuremberg Trials 2022

Many competitions are organised at the state, national and international levels. Such an international competition is the Nuremberg Competition which is held worldwide. The commencement period of this competition is from 1 July to 15 July. The registration date for this competition was from 15 November 2021 to 17 January 2022.

The competition will be wholly held online. The team who have registered in the given registration period will only be able to participate in the competition. The competition is on an international level, which means law teams from different countries will come up to participate.

Key Highlights

  • Nuremberg Trials 2022 is a three-day competition held by Nuremberg Moot Court.
  • 105 teams are selected for the 2022 Nuremberg Moot Court.
  • Law teams from different countries will come up with an argument against a hypothetical case.
  • Law Students from different countries compete on written and oral-based presentations and arguments.


The teams selected for the competition are from different law universities of the world. The fictitious situation will be presented, and the teams have to defend or prosecute the given situation. Therefore, it is a golden opportunity for the students to enhance their skills. To know more about the Nuremberg trial, visit this link.  

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