Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago-When Is His Obituary? Is It In Tinley Park? Read Here!

This article will clarify your dilemma about Mark Pulice and give you the correct details on Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago.

Have you seen the news of the car accident where Mark Pulice died? On 1 October, Mark Pulice died in a car crash. The accident took place in Chicago, United States. People are wondering and want to know about his Obituary and how he met with an accident.

You can gather more information about Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago in further detail.


Tragic Story

On Saturday, 1 October 2022, news came from a car accident in which a student from Cambridge University, Mark, died in a car crash. Her mother confirmed the news of Mark’s death on social media. She didn’t provide more information about the accident and where he was going. However, she shared a message that she is grieving and in pain after the loss of his son. 

Mark Pulice Obituary 

There is no official announcement for Mark’s Obituary. His mother only shared little information confirming his death, but she didn’t confront any other information regarding his upcoming Obituary or funeral dates. 

However, Mark’s death was shocking as he was the man of the house and holding his family together, but after the car crash, he left his family and friends with misery and sorrow. This spring, he was about to graduate as a nursing student.

Mark Pulice Tinley Park

People are confused that there is no announcement for Mark Pulice’s Obituary, but some websites are sharing the information about Obituary on 7 October. Readers are getting confused between two different persons due to the same name. 

However, Mark Anthony Pulice Jr. is an older person whose Obituary will take place in Tinley Park on 7 October 2022 at 3 PM. The event will occur in Brady Gill’s funeral house on Oak Park Eve. Whereas Mark Pulice Car Accident Chicago is other news, he met with a car accident and was a nursing Student at Cambridge University. So don’t get confused and get wrong information due to common names.


Mark Pulice died on 1 October in a car crash. The information regarding his Obituary and accident is unavailable yet. You people are misguided by the obituary information of another person with a similar name.

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