Chris Rock Will Smith Apology Statement Details: Find Chris Rock Response To Will Smith!

The article explains the apology made by Will Smith and the news on social media can be obtained by the people by reading Chris Rock Will Smith Apology.  

Do you know anything about Chris Rock? Who is Will Smith? Why is the news trending? What is the reason for the apology? What happened during the Oscar events? Do you know anything about the apology made for the incident at Oscar’s event? Did you search for anything related to it? The people in the world, including the United Kingdom, were shocked, and the issue is not been solved. Read Chris Rock Will Smith Apology to know more about it.

What did Chris reply?

After Will Smith apologized for slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars in March, Chris Rock addressed the video. Both Rock and Dave Chapelle have been referencing their recent onstage assaults in their shows, where they are headlining stand up tour. In addition to talking about Smith’s video, Rock dedicated a portion of the performance at the O2 Arena in London over the weekend. 

During a London show, Chris Rock called Will Smith for his apology video, suggesting the rapper-actor isn’t accepting it. Here is Chris Rock Response To will Smith mentioned. Amid a European comedy tour, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are currently on the road. In July, Will apologized through video, which Rock blasted on Monday (Sept. 5).

Few facts that went through after the incident

Furthermore, Rock said the Academy approached him to host its ceremony in the future but declined. Despite a lack of press responses, Rock has used slap references throughout the Ego Death World Tour since hitting the road with Chapelle. Additional details on apology mentioned below.

Chris Rock Will Smith Apology  

 Rock and Smith seem to be the least likely to forget about the slap shortly, given the response they still receive nearly six months after the incident. In addition to resigning from the Academy, Smith has been banned from attending all Academy-sponsored events for the next decade, including the Academy Awards. As part of their finale tour in September, Chapelle and Rock continue their stand-up tour. Even though Rock or Smith will not be attending next year’s Oscars. it’s safe to say whoever signs on to host will have to deal with an opponent in the room. Additional details of Chris Rock Will Smith Apology are provided below. 

What did Smith do after the incident and what happened in Academy?

Smith has been banned from all Academy-sanctioned events as Smith resigned from the Academy, including the Oscars, for the next ten years. The news is trending among the people.


After investigation, the apology video is viral on social media about the incident during the Oscar event. Actor Will Smith’s web-based apologies for hitting Chris at the Oscars have been dubbed a “hostage video.” To know more details, check online .

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