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Are you inquisitive to know about the most trending news on Oath Keepers? Do you know who the Oath keepers are? Are you aware of the reason behind their ongoing trial? To grab every information related to the Oath Keepers, read here now. This news was mostly trending in the countries like the United States and Canada in the beginning, but now it has become the talk of the town worldwide.

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Details on the Oath Keepers

Oath keepers are anti-government masses who consist of a group of people protesting against the government for their rights. The founder formed the group in 2009 and the founder is Mr. Rhodes, a former Paratrooper from the US Army who studied at Yale Law School. The Oath keepers initiated one of the first and foremost battles conducted in the Revolutionary War, which began with a rally from Lexington, Massachusetts. Jessica Watkins is one of the oath keepers who was held for pushing down the people against police line.

Also, to learn more on Kelly Meggs Oath Keepers news, keep reading until the end. The Oath K Keepers group recruits mostly people from military backgrounds and experience along with Law enforcement agencies and first responders from the frontline. The name behind the group is based on the oath of service, which the police, officials and military take. Read the next segments to know the reason for the Oath Keepers Trial.

More on Kelly Meggs Oath Keepers news

Kelly Meggs is one of the co-defenders of the Oath keepers under Mr.Rhodes. According to various sources, Mr. Rhodes, the founder of the anti-government group, started the campaign on November 2020. The founder conducted the campaign against rejecting the results of the Presidential Election right after two days of the voting session during the counting of the ballots. 

Who is arrested for the Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins incident?

Almost 870 people were arrested for attacking the Capitol. In total, five members from the Oath keepers group faced the trial as follows:-

  • Mr. Rhodes is the founder of the Oath Keepers group.
  • Kelly Meggs is allegedly the head of the Florida Group of Oath Keepers.
  • Kenneth Harrelson was convicted for roaming within the representative’s chambers house in search of Nancy Pelosi, the house speaker.
  • Thomas Caldwell is alleged for passing weapons to the Oath Keepers group.
  • Jessica Watkins was arrested for pushing the people against the police line.

The Wind Up

The news on Keepers Oath Jessica Watkins is trending because of the ongoing trial process for the same incident. Almost 20 members of the Oath Keepers Group are charged for the different crimes they committed.

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