When Did Notti Osama Die? Who Killed Him? What Is The Reason For His Death? When Was His Birthday? Look Into His Death Footage Here!

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Have you come across the news on Notti Osama’s death? Are you well aware of the reason for his death? Do you want to know the other personal life information of the deceased young rapper? Here we will provide you with the answer to the most asked question When Did Notti Osama DieAlong with other essential details on the news.

So, without wasting much time, let’s solve all the queries, especially for the people from the United States. Therefore, continue reading until the end.

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Who is Notti Osama, and details of his death?

Notti Osama, or Ethan Reyes, was a 14-year-old young rapper who was stabbed to death by a fellow rapper. After the incident, the news of the Notti Osama Death spread like wildfire on the internet. 

The 14-year-old rapper was killed on 11th July 2022 at the Manhattan Subway Station. The tragic incident occurred when the situation heated up between two young rappers, and they both got into a fight on 9th July 2022 at around 3 p.m. on 137 Street, City College, near the substation. After the tragic death of the young rapper, his brother DD Osama paid tribute through a social media post.

Who Killed Notti Osama?

According to various sources, the identity of the accused is hidden and unclear. As of now, as per the available information, the accused happen to be a 15-year-old rival rapper who went into a fight on 9th July with Notti Osama, the 14-year-old rapper. The police officers found a broomstick and the knife that were used to stab Notti Osama. As per the reports, the accused confronted the officers about his crime and was charged with Second Degree Murder.

Notti Osama Death Footage

After the tragic murder, the crime footage went viral on many social media platforms. As the video promotes violence, it is removed from some authentic online platforms. The whole murder was planned and executed in an open space so the witnesses could easily capture the video of the murder, which later went viral on various online platforms.

The Closing Statement

All the individuals who have come across this news seek justice for the tragic murder of Notti Osama. Also, his fans want to know the details on Notti Osama Birthday. Unfortunately, this information for the deceased is missing over the internet.

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