Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad: How Did He Die? WHat Is The Cause Of His Death? Is His Last Name Labrant? Who Is His Daughter?

The guide shares details about Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad, who died recently at 29.  

Are you aware of Everleigh’s biological father, who died recently? Tommy Smith, the biological father of Everleigh, died at 29, as confirmed by the official Twitter page of LIL BITCH. Soon after the news, many followers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States took social media to leave their condolences and pay tribute to the deceased.  

As per the post and statement, Tommy died from a seizure. However, there is no official statement from the family members or obituary page to prove the claim. So, it is still not clear how Tommy Smith Everleigh Dad died. 

Is Tommy Smith the Real Father of Everleigh?

After evaluating online, it is found that Everleigh’s biological father is Tommy Smith. So, he is the birth father of the little girl. Tommy Smith and Savannah, the mother of Everleigh, were in a relationship in their teen years. But, in 2018, Savannah confirmed their separation. 

She also said in the interview that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her multiple times, even during her pregnancy. So, they finally separated. Today, Savannah is 23, a single mother to a 3-year child Everleigh. Tommy Smith is still a part of her daughter’s life, and they were seen posing for pictures on Instagram.

How Did Tommy Smith Die – Know The Cause!

The family members do not disclose the cause of death, and the obituary page has not confirmed the underlying cause of his dismissal. However, after evaluating online, we found that people share their tributes and condolences on social media and discussion forums. 

Some people said that he died because of a seizure attack. But, the family members have not confirmed it yet. The social media page also confirms his death at 29 without sharing any reasons or causes of his death. So, the Tommy Smith Cause of Death is in suspense until any statement is released.   

Who Is The Real Daughter of Tommy Smith?

As per sources, the daughter of Tommy Smith and Savannah Labrant is Everleigh. The couple is separated now, but Tommy Smith was seen posing with his daughter on social media channels. The father-daughter duo had great times together and often posted pictures and videos on social media. 

In an interview, Savannah confirmed that Everleigh’s biological father is Tommy Smith and Cole Labrant is not her father. She allows Tommy Smith Daughter to see her father 1-2 times a month, and Tommy is blocked from Everleigh’s social media page.    

How Are People Reacting?

We have found many tweets, discussions, and comments from online users. Many people paid tribute to the deceased and shared condolences online on Twitter and in discussion forums.

Many people are sad listening to the news and feel bad for the little girl, Everleigh. People are also asking about the cause of his death as they want to know how he died. You may read the Comments online on Tommy Smith Death.    


Tommy Smith is believed to be the biological father of Everleigh, and the father-daughter duo had great times together. They were seen sharing posts and pictures on social media regularly. The dismissal news was first shared on Twitter, and all their relatives and followers started paying their tributes and condolences for the deceased and his little daughter. 

However, the cause of death is still unknown. But people suspected a drug overdose that caused seizures and took his life. But, the autopsy report is not disclosed; hence it is unknown how Tommy Smith Labrant died.

Do you know how he died? Please share it in the comment section. 

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