Vampire Survivors Secrets {Aug} Check Full Game Strategy

Read the Vampire Survivors Secrets article for recent updated secret cheat codes and about a new character Big Trousers.

Happy news to players of Vampire survivors. Are you a fan of the survivor game? Do you know the game has updated some new cheat codes and characters? If you want to know the codes and characters, we are here to provide you with the details of the game. 

Vampire Survivors has gained a massive fanbase in the United States and Germany. The game swirled like wind among the players who like to play roguelike survival games. After thorough research, we have found some recent news about the game, revealing Vampire Survivors Secrets.

Vampire survivors

Vampire survivors is a game that revolves around shooting and running for survival. The game belongs to the video game model Luca Galante, famous as Poncle, who developed the game in December 2021. The developer released a new patch on August 4 for the players.

A new patch,0.10.0, got released with two new characters, Big Trousers and Cosmo Pavone. Poncle has nicknamed the new patch ” The Not One”. Two new achievements, weapons, arcana and cheats, were made available for players. Let us go into detail about how the   Vampire Survivors Update was made.

 Info about the new character

Big trousers, a new character would be adored by the gold farmers in the game. There is a saying ‘Master all 16 accessories in the Moonglow”. If you are aware of Moonglow, you can go through it quickly. Players get all 16 items at the start of the run. You must pick up your character as you have locked up with a weapon.

Take over Arcana XX- Silent Old Sanctuary to make yourself hurdle-free while you level. You have to use your passive items at Moonglow’s beginning stage, and the task gets easy.

Let us throw some light on Vampire Survivors Secrets to learn about cheat codes and how to unlock them.

We shall provide you with a list of the cheat codes and a formula for how the code works and gives the result. Read the below-written list:

Joke cheats

  • Spinn= makes the screen rotate clockwise in 720 degrees.

Stage cheats

  • Peakgamedesign = Unlock Boss Rash Stage.
  • Dotgogreenacres = Unlock Green Acres stage + hyper mode 
  • Honesty = Unlock Moongolow stage + hyper mode
  • Relaxenjoylife=Unlock II Molise stage + hyper mode
  • Rottingpizza = Unlock Bone Zone Stage + hyper mode

More about Vampire Survivors Secrets

Let us go through a few more secret character cheat codes and make ourselves at ease while playing the game. Have a look at the list:

  • Second evolution = Unlock Gyorunton + Bracelet
  • Ablasphemousmockery = Unlock Red Death.
  • Iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme = Unlock Leda
  • Flodinthechesse = Unlock Minnah
  • Yattapanda = Unlock Yatta Cavalio + Cherry bomb
  • Pinociampino = Unlock Peppino
  • Earrivatolarrotion = Unlock Big Trouser + Candybox
  • Fettinepanate = Unlock Boon Marrabbio
  • Highfive = Unlock Gains Boros
  • Ihovistoio = Unlock Cosmo Pavone

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In the Vampire Survivors Secrets article, we have shared with you the new secrets of the game and the codes. You can learn a few more codes from the given link below. Click here for more information.

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