Is Rachel Hawes Still Alive 2022: Know About Michigan Cedar Point And Also Check Her Obituary!

Please follow the entire article to know after the deadly accident in the rollercoaster Is Rachel Hawes Still Alive 2022 or not and keep connected with us.

Do you love to go to amusement parks? What will you do if anything terrible happens to you? Most of us like to go to amusement parks on weekends with our family or friends. But last year, when a woman named Rachel Hawes went to an amusement park in Ohio, United States, something terrible happened to her. 

While riding the rollercoaster, a soda can-sized metal piece hit the woman in her head. And now the question is- Is Rachel Hawes Still Alive 2022? Read the article to know. 

Is Rachel Hawes still alive?

After that deadly incident, locals immediately admitted her to the hospital. She had severe skull injury because of that soda can-sized ‘L’ shaped metal piece. According to her family, the metal piece was supposed to hover over the roller coaster track. The metal piece severely injured her because of this accident. 

But the question which everyone wants to know is whether she is still alive or not. Many said that she was dead. But we will tell you the truth today. The Rachel Hawes Michigan Obituary news is fake. She has been in the hospital for a long time, and fortunately, she is recovering. She is still fighting for her life. The family members of Rachel Hawes disclosed her actual situation of her this year.

What happened to the amusement park authority?

The world’s second tallest rollercoaster is in Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio, and will close permanently after that incident. The rollercoaster named Top Thrill Dragster is 420 feet tall. After one year of the incident, Cedar Point Park decided to shut the ride permanently. 

Information about Rachel Hawes Cedar Point:

Rachel Hawes is a forty-five years old woman from Michigan. Last year she visited Cedar Point Park and rode the world’s second-tallest rollercoaster. But little did she know that something wrong would happen to her. While on the 420-foot Top Thrill Dragster, suddenly ‘L’ shaped metal piece struck her head. 

Locals immediately admitted her to the nearby hospital. And after some days, her family disclosed that she got injured in her skull because of that metal piece. But she is not dead yet. So, we will request you to not believe such fake news. 

Is Rachel Hawes Still Alive 2022?

We have already mentioned that. But still, we are saying that again. Rachel Hawes is still alive. She is still fighting for her life. So, please don’t fall for such fake news that is telling Rachel Hawes was no more. We should not believe in such fake news. Rather than spread negativity, start spreading positivity. We hope now all your confusion is gone. We are trying to give you the exact information. 

The Ending Words:

Rachel Hawes is alive after the tragic incident in Cedar Point Park. Here is a list of all the rollercoaster ride accidents:. So, if someone asks you- Is Rachel Hawes Still Alive 2022? Say yes. And that’s it for today’s article. We hope you get all your answers.

Have you ever ridden any rollercoaster? Please comment below. 

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