Charizard Rainbow Vstar (Feb 2022) Secret Rainbow Rare!

Do you know about Charizard Rainbow Vstar? If No, then to know more, kindly read this composition thoroughly.

Are you a fan of Pokemon Card games? Then, look at this composition to know its origin and supplementary data.

Pokemon is one of the most accepted series for all of us. However, the urge for Pokemon still exists, and nowadays, people are talking about its card games. So, in this write-up, we will also learn about the Pokemon Card game and its popular series.

Also, we will mention threads for Charizard Rainbow Vstar as the Pokemon-lovers of Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States are questing for it.

About Pokemon Trading Card Game

As per the name, it is a favoured card game initiated by Nintendo and is based on the Pokemon series. According to the sources, it was initially launched in Japan by Media Factory in 1996. Moreover, we discovered 76 card sets are published in Japan, while 86 card sets are available in English.

The gameplay is pretty simple, wherein the players have to present their cards or Pokemon to defeat their opponent. However, while collecting evidence for Charizard Rainbow Vstarv, we detected that the winner would get a prize card at last.

What Are Brilliant Stars (TCG)?

Based on our findings, it is the ninth series of the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Furthermore, each of its booster cards comprises ten cards, whereas its birth pack has only five cards. Also, it has subsets cards, Trainer Gallery, that follows the similar idea of the Cosmic Eclipse series.

There are more than 172 cards in sets, but a card is highly drifting and loved by players. So, let us speak about it in the following paragraph.

Introducing Charizard Rainbow Vstar

It is a fire-type card possessing health of 280 that provides double water energy to the holder. Moreover, in the Brilliant Series, the Charizard VSTAR is present as a Rainbow Rare and Regular card. But, it was first launched in Japanese expansion.

As per a source, it is a valuable card since it is the prominent Charizard. Thus, if you want to glance at its price, kindly scroll a bit to see the passage below.

Price Of The Card

The cost of the Charizard Rainbow Vstar card is given in the following table, through which you can estimate its price.

Raw Price
Near Mint Light Play
$159 $495

Gamers’ Reaction

After discovering a YouTube video, we found that this card assembled mixed reviews from the buyers. Moreover, we saw some gamers stating that it is an excellent card. Also, a few people are excited about the card. However, our further investigation peeled a consumer’s reaction saying an average remark.


We discussed the crucial points of the Pokemon Card Game and its Brilliant Stars series in this post. However, this write-up was concentrated on Charizard Rainbow Vstar, its features and price.

In addition, the gamers’ views for the card are also explained in this composition, which will help you to know its worthiness. Thus, you can look for more card details and choose at your convenience.

Have you already purchased this card? Then, kindly suggest your observation below.

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