Come Back Alive Ukraine {Mar} Why It Has Been Removed?

The following research on Come Back Alive Ukraine will guide you on the reasons to suspend the official donation page of this charitable foundation.

Everybody is aware of the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia, from small kids to grown-ups. Russia stands in a stronger position than Ukraine. People are supported financially through non-profit organizations Worldwide

This article concerns Come Back Alive Ukraine and come back alive is a non-profit organization meant to help Ukraine. Many of you may not be aware of how it helps Ukraine, and this article will let you know how it is functioning.

About Come Back Alive

Come back alive is a non-profit organization set up in 2014 when Russia invaded Ukraine and captured the Crimean Peninsula. It helped Ukraine by supplying equipment to the army. Its Patreon page receives donations from people all over the world. But, they claimed that they would return the amount donated by the public. People want to know the reason for the decision to return donations.

The current decision as per Come Back Alive Ukraine

The Patreon start-up allows individuals to donate and raise funds to deal with the problems going on in Ukraine. Unfortunately, on Thursday, February 24, 2022, Come Back Alive, a charitable foundation, suspended its page, and many people could not access its official page. The page was meant to collect donations to provide medical kits, helmets, and body armor to the Ukrainian Soldiers. 

But as per the reports, the page has been removed, said by the director, Taras Chmut, in an interview with CNBC. They have banned their page as they do not involve the purchase and promoting the exchange of weapons using donation amounts. As a result, the campaign, Come Back Alive Ukraine, is now suspended, and people are unable to donate to this charitable foundation.

Reasons to suspend the page by Patreon.

  • As per the reports, the reason to ban the page is that Patreon does not motivate the campaigns that deal in violence and promote the exchange of weapons and military equipment irrespective of their cause. 
  • Another reason is that Patreon found that the charitable foundation was receiving fewer donations for several months. They were receiving insufficient donations of less than $1000. 
  • The company’s policy is to refund or return the available funds on the page. After they investigate the case, the donations will be refunded.

Key points

  • This campaign, Come Back Alive Ukraine, has even provided surveillance systems in mobiles to the soldiers and other required equipment. 
  • The country has called for mobilization efforts, but Chmut said that the people who will join would have no protection from injuries due to insufficient armor and equipment. 
  • The group also collects through a bitcoin wallet, but foreigners felt it more convenient to donate through the foundation’s page. 


Summing up this content, this article has shared all the relevant details on why the Come Back Alive’s page has been removed and the difficulties faced by the people. According to Come Back Alive Ukraine, soldiers are prone to more danger due to insufficient equipment. Please check this link to know more on Come Back Alive.

Could you please send your views on the suspension of the page by Patreon in these hard times? Please share your views in the comment section.

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