Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 (Mar) Is This Real Or Not?

The guide shares details of the misleading and false Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 circulating on social media.  

It’s been two days since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and it has already started accompanying misleading and false imagery footage on social media platforms, claiming it to be from the war. 

Some footage showcases military operations on ground level, which are sourced from older conflicts, while other footage is challenging to verify. As the footage got viral on social media, many concerned family members in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom searched deeper for clear ground reports.

The false Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 has been circulated by different users on social media, creating chaos-like situations.    

What is Ukraine’s Combat Footage All About?

Fast-moving events like war often accompany misleading and false imagery, and Ukraine’s war-like situation is no exception. As the Russian troops started invading Ukraine, many imagery footages were shared on social media platforms. 

Misinformation and false images and videos are easily shared, and social media channels are the best source for sharing. As the war started between Ukraine and Russia, people worldwide are concerned about every detail. People who believe that the images are authentic share many videos and footage.      

What Types of Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 is Shared?

Different types of false footage and videos are shared over the internet. Some of the common footages that are tending online are:

  • Gaming Footages – A footage is shared showing aerial dogfight with caption MiG-29 of Armed Force destroys unmatched Su-35 of Russia. As per the sources, it was found that the footage is of a video game, Digital Combat Simulator World. The footage is shared by the social media users. 
  • Other Footages – A Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 shows Ukrainian forces face Russian soldiers at the airbase. After evaluating, it was found that the footage was shot back in 2014 during the annexation of Crimea.

The video was shot at Belbek airbase. The footage is shared on social media from an unofficial account, and it claims to display the destruction of Russian equipment and personnel in Ukraine.

But the footage was of Syria shot in 2020. Another improperly labeled footage is shared claiming to show a Russian airstrike on a Ukraine base. But the video is an old shot in 2015 that covers the Tianjun blast in China.     

  • A TikTok video also makes the news viewed 27.5M times and shared by many users. 

How to Stop it?

The false Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 circulation can be stopped if necessary measures are taken.  

It is urged that social media users must restrict the spreading of misleading footage by evaluating and analyzing the footage before sharing. They must check the authenticity of the footage before sharing it. They must ensure that the videos are genuine and are from reliable sources before sharing further. 

Checking the footage on multiple trusted platforms can prevent the misleading footage from spreading. 


Ukraine is under attack, and many social media users spread false and misleading imagery footage in between the war-like situation. The false Ukraine Combat Footage 2022 can be stopped easily by evaluating the footage and checking its legitimacy before sharing further. 

Do you have any updates to share about the misleading Ukraine Combat Footage? Please, share it in the comment section. All the information is taken from the online sources to give you brief idea. You may research further for more details.

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