Penn State Suicide {Oct 2022} Explore What Happened!

This article on Penn State Suicide was written to give you brief information on what happened at Penn State.

What is Penn State? What happened there? Did someone commit suicide? If yes, who was he? Worry not, we have all the answers to your questions right here in the article. People all over the United States are eager to know about what happened at Penn State. Not much information has been received about the suicide but we have got you all covered. If you are frantic to know more about Penn State Suicide kindly read the entire article given below with your undivided attention. 

What happened at Penn State? 

Let us directly come to the point, and know what exactly happened at Penn State. There was an apparent suicide spotted by the State College Police near Snappy’s Gas station. Penn State states that the student has been deceased. This suicide was committed by a student. Not much information is available as to what made the student commit suicide and who was the student, investigations are still going on to find out the reasons behind the Penn State Student Suicide read the article below for more information. 

Penn State Suicide Prevention Program

Due to the number of suicides taking place at Penn State. The State has decided to organise a suicide prevention awareness project on September 22. The program will begin at 5 and will end at 7 p.m. This project will be restrained at the Pond View Lounge at the Student Center.  This event will raise attention among college students and they will be trained on the suicide screening tools, and two of the survivors will share their life messages with the students which will help them retain the information better. 

More about Penn State Suicide  

The apparent suicide was investigated by the police on a Saturday afternoon near Snappy’s gas station on University Drive by Captain Matthew Wilson. Whereas the State College Police Department could not provide more information on this incident at this time, though the department claimed that the community is safe and there is nothing to worry about. It was confirmed by Wyatt DuBois that the Penn State student was deceased on Saturday. The family has been informed and are been given full support and sympathy by the police department of Penn State. 

Will the Suicide Prevention Program help the students? 

Well, the answer is yes. This event has been specially organised for the students of Penn State. Penn State Suicide has trembled the people of Penn state once again. These suicides need to stop and the students need to be informed and taught about suicide prevention. A girl named Katrina Herra a student of Penn State runs 100 miles for military and veteran suicide prevention. 


As we have read above not much information has been mentioned about the suicide that took place at Penn State, whereas a suicide prevention act is going to take place on 22 September. The motive of this event is to raise awareness among the students, as a lot of students committed suicide at Penn State. Herrera a student herself claims that a 100 Mile challenge is completely virtual to take care of one’s cerebral health. For more information, click on this link.

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