What Countries Are Allies With The Us 2022 {Feb} Read!

The article will inform you about the world’s reaction to the Russia-Ukraine war and discuss the What Countries Are Allies With The Us 2022.  

The recent Russian-Ukrainian crisis has divided the world into two groups? One is the Russian Group and another anti-invasion group. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries, especially Canada, and Australia are always with the Ukrainian side.

On the other hand, the Russian regime always seeks support from the new alliance, especially those deadly against “NATO”.

But the current situation has started the new debate: What Countries Are Allies With The Us 2022.

The Historical Background

As per our historical research, the factual background is rooted in the post World War 2 situation.

The second reason is the “Cold War” between the old “Soviet Union” and the United States. As per our research, after the Second World War, “The Soviet Union” and America started new kinds of war called the “Cold War” due to ideological differences.

But the 90s era changed everything. “Communist Block” was in decline. And “Soviet” became Russia. But after 25 years, Russian President Vladimir Putin starts to invade Ukraine due to “NATO” interference.

What Countries Are Allies With Russia 2022

As per our research on the situation, many Russian friends take time to take sides with Russia. Many countries are judging the situation or being neutral at this moment.

But some countries are still supporting Moscow’s cause due to political and resources alliance with Russia.

Our research says at the start of the war, the superpower China expressed support for the regime of Putin. But it is also true; Chinese President Xi Jinping only extends diplomatic support to Russia.

Syria and Cuba said in an official statement that Russia has full authority to defend its sovereignty from West Suppression in Ukraine.

What Countries Are Allies With The Us 2022       

As per our research, America has the maximum number of “NATO” members. The old allies like the United Kingdom are always with America for every situation.

As per our reports, almost all the member countries of NATO support the US caused in the present crisis.

The big powers like France, Germany, and Italy are already supported by the US in this war situation. Germany and Canada have already declared to send financial and medical help to Ukraine.

The other NATO member states like Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal are with the United States front. Romania already is welcoming the refugees and war victims from Ukraine. So you understand – What Countries Are Allies With Russia 2022? 

Many experts say the Russian-Ukrainian crisis can trigger the Third World War situation. Meanwhile, as per our research, the United Nations has opposed and sanctioned an economic ban on Russia. 

At Last

Our recent political research on this crisis says some of the old friends of Russia directly criticize the “Putin Regime” for the invasion.

Israel already stated it as a violation of international border and peace. India and South Africa request Russia to find out a solution via discussion. It indicates the new dimension of world politics, so you understand What Countries Are Allies With The Us 2022. 

Russia is still invading Ukrainian soil and has already killed many people.

You can also check the world’s reaction after Russia invades Ukraine for more information.

What is your View on this Crisis? Please comment.

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