Encanto Family Ages {Feb} Find List Of All Characters!

This article will discuss the magical gifts, powers, and characters of Encanto. Also, read this post to know the Encanto Family Ages.

Do you want to have some magical power? What would you do if you had some special power? Well, power can be anything, but we cannot achieve all those things. However, there is a cinema world where we see characters getting superpowers and achieving whatever they desire.

We are sure that you must have watched Encanto? Worldwide this film fans are searching for details about the Encanto Family. So, we will discuss Encanto Family Ages and their abilities.

What is Encanto?

Encanto is a film directed by Byron Howard Jared Bush and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Written by Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith, Encanto was released on November 24, 20210. As a consequence of COVID-19, the film received a 30-day box office run, and thereafter, it was released on Disney+ on December 24, 2021.

It is a comedy-fantasy drama about the Madrigals family. The specialty of the family is the magical power that each member gets except Mirabel. After release, there is so much confusion about this multi-generation family. So, here we will discuss, especially Encanto Family Tree Ages and abilities.

Brief on each character of Encanto:

Alma Madrigal

Probably the oldest woman, Abuela Alma, age 74 years with grey hair, has the best gift for all family members.

She herself has no magical power but takes care of the candle. The candle is magical and gives gifts to each member.

Bruno, Peppa, Julieta

They are Madrigal triplets and are 50 years old. While Bruno can see what will happen in the future, Pepa’s emotions can control the weather. For example, when Pepa is happy, it is warmth and sunshine, but her anger can cause a storm.

Julieta from the Encanto Family Ages 50, knows about herbs and helps people heal with her cooking abilities if they are sick.

Augustin Madrigal

Augustin, 50 years old, is married to Julieta and is not originally connected by blood. Therefore, he is the only one who does not have any magical powers but is connected in a special way to Mirabel.

Isabela madrigal

The eldest grandchild of this family is 22 years old. She can instantly grow fruits and flowers.

Dolores Madrigal

She is 21 years old and the only child of Pepa and Flexi. She has incredible hearing abilities, even from a large distance.

Encanto Family Ages in the form of a list:

Name Age

  • Abuela Alma 74 years 
  • Julieta 50 years 
  • Bruno 50 years
  • Peppa 50 years
  • Augustine 50 years
  • Isabella 22 years
  • Dolors 21 years
  • Louisa 19 years
  • Mirabel 15 years
  • Camila 15 years
  • Antonio 5 years

About other Members:


The 19-year-old kid of Augustin and Julieta has got super powers like superheroes. She is physically as well as mentally strong.

Camilo and Mirabel

They are 15 years each. While Camilo can do shapeshifting, Mirabel has no magical powers.


The little one is 5 years old and the youngest of all. Antonio can talk to pets and keep them safe.


Knowing Encanto Family Ages is the curiosity of many of its viewers. And after its release the film has been the talk of the town. To know about the personality, abilities, and appearance of each character of Encanto, read here.

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So, which is your favorite character and why? Tell us in the comment section below.

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