How Old Are The Characters In Encanto {Jan} Get Chart

This article below contains interesting stuff about Encanto and answers the most searched question How Old Are The Characters In Encanto.

Did you hear that? What is the article talking about? Yes absolutely, it’s about the age information of all Walt’s Characters? What is this animation about? The current vision of a Barbie where she is wearing spectacles left the viewers with many questions in their minds. Everyone Worldwide wants to know all the details about the ages of these characters. 

Read this article to know How Old Are The Characters In Encanto are much more information. Move down to get the ages of these characters. 

Discover about the Encanto 

It’s a comedy animation, launched by Disney named Encanto. It is a musical series with a touch of comedy. Mirabel Madrigal is the central character of this animated series. Her family owns a blessing of magic. 

The main character’s family is a magician family, and when she was born, each member of the family gifted her some of the other magic from their being. 

The story mainly revolves around the question: How Old Are The Characters In Encanto

What’s the Viewer’s reaction to this new animation? 

The base of this series was presented to the viewers in the November of 2021, after which the reaction of its viewers came to the vision. 

Firstly they made so much of talking about the series on the internet, but then they admired the series very much. 

Viewers were very impressed by the Presented plot of the story for the series. But, viewers are not able to distinguish between the ages of the characters as all are looking at the same age.

Let us discuss in brief the character’s age.

How Old Are The Characters In Encanto? 

Below is the specified age of the characters in the Encanto.

  • Mirabel and Camilo are 15 years old.
  • Pepa, Bruno, Felix, Augustin, Julieta are 50 years old.
  • The Abuela Alma is 75 years old. 
  • Luisa is 19 years old. 
  • Antonio is 5 years old. 
  • Isabela and Dolores are 21years old. 

But, we can also state that from the trailors one can not get the idea of the character’s age. But if you have watched the movie you can easily find the answer for: How Old Are The Characters In Encanto?

Other Information regarding Age query 

Viewers may think that Isabela and Dolores are the oldest among all the children. Yes, you are right. They are the oldest of all the children present in the series. 

These two have only one month difference in their birth age. Both of them have different and extraordinary magical powers among all the children. 

The Final statement

As a conclusion we can say that the movie has an amazing storyline, and so the viewers are getting fascinated that they are enquiring to get the answer for: How Old Are The Characters In Encanto?

The ages for all the characters have been specified above accordingly. Are you also eagerly looking for the same question? Have you watched the movie? Please let us know in the comments below- 

Furthermore, to know more about Encanto and Isabela and Dolores consider the mentioned link here.  

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