Did Adam Levine Cheat? Who Is Sumner Stroh? Is His Wife Pregnant? Did He Cheated? Know About His Children!

In this article, we will discuss the controversy between Adam and Sumner. We will also help you find Did Adam Levine Cheat on her wife.

Why is the former voice coach trapped in controversy? What are the rumours of Adam cheating on his wife? The lead singer of the band Maroon 5, Adam, was caught cheating on her pregnant wife. Media reporters search for clear information on the controversy in the United States and Canada.

The teenage girlfriend of Adam, Sumner Stroth, has been in an affair with Adam for the last year. To get complete knowledge and proper clarification on Did Adam Levine Cheat story, follow this article. 

Controversial Reality

Tiktok influencer Sumner went live on Tiktok sharing the reality of Adam Levine, whom she has been dating for the last couple of years. She was very young when they started their relationship, and she also stated that Adam exploited her at a very fragile age. In between this matters, recently the news spread that they both are seeing each other.

She shared a screenshot of their Instagram chat where Adam asks if he have a baby with his wife; he wants to name him after Sumner. 

Adam Levine Wife Pregnant 

The Victoria’s Secret model Behati married Adam in 2014. Since then, they had two daughters named Gio Grace and Dusty Rose. The good news is they are will be having a third child very soon. It was revealed that Adam and Behati share a baby bump picture on social media. Later, an accusation of Adam cheating on his wife went viral on social media.

The social media picture of a couple and the model sharing a baby bump pictures on Instagram verify that they are expecting a baby. But in the moment of happiness, Adam are trapped in allegations of cheating.

Adam Levine Cheated

With the viral video, many other rumours are spreading that Sumner is faking the accusation of Adam cheating on his wife with her. The screenshot shared on her Tiktok video only contains the message: A serious question if I am going to have a baby boy and I want to name him Sumner? Are you fine with that?

Some people claim that Adam was asking Sumner if they could use her name, and she took advantage of this message and blamed Adam for cheating on her wife and asking Sumner to use her name. Adam Levine Sumner Stroh controversy standing on social media. People are making different opinions. Few people support the proof Sumner showed on her Tiktok video, whereas other people define the video and say she is using the message to defame Adam.


The controversy between Adam and Sumner went viral on social media, where Sumner claimed that Adam was cheating on her wife. Besides the proof of the screenshot, the reality needs a legit verification. 

Who do you think is the victim? Share your feedback below. To know more about Adam Levine Children, click on the bio link of Adam.

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