Is Disney Drop Box Legit {Sep} Find A Complete Details!

The article aims to inform about Disney drop box and whether Is Disney Drop Box Legit. Stay tuned till the end to explore more.

Have you heard of Disney Drop Box? Talk about Disney Drop Box has already been started in the United States. People are willing to know if they renew the subscription before the given time then would they receive the mystery gift box or not. But some people still doubt whether the Drop Box giveaway news is legit or not. So in this article, you will be informed about all the important information on Is Disney Drop Box Legit or a mere publicity stunt.

Is the Disney Drop Box Offer legit or a scam?

Getting scam nowadays is not a new thing. People easily get scammed by attractive offers, and when it comes to the most one-time opportunity thing. Currently, Disney is providing an offer on their subscription, and for people who are worrying if this is legit or not, we like to inform them that the news is legit. 

Disney is providing the Disney Drop Box, which is worth $150, filled with Disney merchandise. But this is only valid if you live in the United States, and this offer is unavailable in other countries.

What Is Disney Drop Box?

Are you curious to know about Disney Drop Box? If yes, we have covered some essential highlights; read below to learn about Disney Drop Box.

Disney drop box is a mystery gift that Disney provides to their subscribers. Subscribers only can get the gift box when they get the subscription to Disney for another year. Disney Drop Box is a curated and designed package with 8-10 premium Disney merch. The merch will be from beloved franchises like The Lion King, Frozen, Toy Story, Minnie Mouse, Micky Mouse, Spiderman, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Moana, and the little mermaid.

Is Disney Drop Box Real?

If you are wondering if the Disney drop box is real or not, then you will be glad to know that this is real, and some of the subscribers already got the drop box and shared it too on the internet. The only catch is that this offer is only available in the US and is worth $150. If you like, you can get a Disney Drop Box in the US by renewing your Disney+ subscription for another year, but you have to get the subscription before 31 December 2022. Read below to learn how to redeem the Disney Drop Box.

How to Redeem Disney Drop Box Gift

First, click on the link code mailed to you after renewing the annual subscription. Then select the Desired franchises of your choice. Enter your legit shipping information, and Disney will send Drop Box to your given address after a few days.


The article highlights essential details to inform if Disney Drop Box legitimacy and how to redeem it. If you wish to know more about the Disney Drop Box, read here.

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