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It is very sad to awaken with the death news on Sunday afternoon. Have you heard of the death news of two bicyclists in the United States? To learn more about this tragic incident, read the article below.

In recent times accidents are happening a lot and frequently in the country. People are losing their lives due to several factors like speed, no proper safety measures, and negligence. After some research done by our team, we have found some news on the Key Biscayne Accident.

News about bicycle accident

There was a tragic accident on the Rickenbacker Causeway on Sunday afternoon. The incident took two bicyclists’ lives caused by a struck vehicle.

The victim was known as a male and a female. These two were struck by a jeep and found to have lost their life on the spot. The Miami police came rushing to the scene as soon as they got the information. Miami fire rescue had declared dead on the spot after they had checked them to immediate rush for medical aid. Let us get deep into the news about the Key Biscayne Bicycle Accident.

Accident Investigations:

The jeep went hit hard on the two bicyclists and moved forward without taking notice of the incident. But the police had taken the driver into custody to interrogate him more on the accident. The people around the area had rushed to them immediately to help, but it had gone in vain. As soon as they saw them, one witness said they rushed towards the victims and checked them for a pulse, but they had not found any hope.

The injuries to bicyclists were severe, and the jeep went over them and killed the two bicyclists cruelly, as stated by the mob present on the scene.

Key Biscayne Bike Accident:

The cyclists fear a lot about their safety on the roadway. The incident took place around 4:55 p.m., according to the police force.

A 50 years old man who goes on a bike now and then on the Causeway to stay healthy and rides multiple times in a week had opined that stricter rules be implemented for the safety of cyclists. He is one of the witnesses. Police had occupied the outbound and inbound lanes for investigation, and traffic had been delayed a lot.

What do people state about the Key Biscayne Accident?

People had shared their news on the scene that they had viewed. They said there were people occupied in the jeep while the incident occurred. The identities of the victims were unrevealed by the police. Both the cyclists were moving inbound on the Causeway when the jeep struck them. Cyclists feared for their life when riding on the road. They believe that the bicycle is also a mode of transportation.

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