Parramatta Westfield Suicide- Is It True? Know The Death Details Here!

A woman jumped off from Westfield Parramatta. Check out the Parramatta Westfield Suicide article to know what happened, and stay tuned with us.

Do you know what happened in Westfield Parramatta? Do you have any idea what can happen in a shopping mall? If you don’t understand what we are talking about, please check out the entire article carefully. Suicide news in Parramatta Westfield went viral in Australia this morning. The part of the building where this tragedy happened is now inaccessible. 

If you want more information about the Parramatta Westfield Suicide case, you need to follow the article. So, let’s start reading the entire article carefully. 


What happened in Parramatta Westfield?

Though it is not confirmed what happened in Parramatta Westfield, people who were there during this incident are saying that, this morning, a young woman jumped off the 4th floor. The young woman committed suicide, and after jumping off from the 4th floor, she landed near the gatekeeper desk. 

Parramatta Westfield Death:

This incident is indeed a disturbing one. The police are still finding the details of the deceased woman. Some people who were there in the shopping mall during this incident are saying that suddenly, they heard the smack sound. In just a few minutes, everything became gloomy. Some people are still in shock because they witnessed this heart-wrenching view. They are saying they wish they never saw something like Parramatta Westfield Suicide.

Why are people so scared?

If you are a native of Australia, you must visit Westfield Parramatta shopping mall at least once in your life. The mall is not only famous for shopping but also for suicide cases. Yes, you are reading it correctly. It is not the first time when someone committed suicide at Westfield Parramatta. Keep reading the article to know the suicide history of this shopping mall. 

The history of Parramatta Westfield Death cases:

  • In 2003, a man jumped off from the third floor, and the police found another dead man in a vacant rooftop area. 
  • In 2011, a woman died after falling from a car park.
  • In 2014, a man stabbed another man to death.
  • In 2019, a woman died after falling from the balcony. 


We hope the police will find out the details of the deceased woman in the Parramatta Westfield Suicide case soon. Until then, we have to wait. You can click on the link to get detailed information about the suicide rates of different countries

Have you ever witnessed such incidents before? Please comment. 

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