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Have you heard about ‘Grandpa Xi’? Do you know about the little red children in China? Please read the entire article if you don’t know what we are talking. Last year in September, when the students in China returned to their school, they noticed a new series of textbooks. The textbooks reflect the rise of China’s president Xi Jinping or ‘Grandpa Xi.’ This news spread Worldwide. People from different countries want to know about Red Child China. So, please continue to read the article. 


What was in the new textbooks?

The new series of textbooks reflect the political philosophy of China’s president Xi Jinping. The school authority distributed the books to primary, secondary, and tertiary students. There are a total of four volumes of textbooks of Xi Jinping. ‘Xi Jinping Thought’ cherished the constitution of the Chinese Communist Party in 2017. The new version of texts focused on the paramount leader of China. But the previous textbooks only focused on the Chinese Communist Party. 

What Is a Red Child China?

The new series of textbooks emphasize the friendliness, wisdom, and caring nature of Grandpa Xi. In 2015, a video called ‘Grandpa Xi is Our Big Friend’ went viral on social media. In this video, the children wear red stars and red scarves. These signs represent the national flag of China. The red color refers to the revolutionary martyrs’ blood. Please keep reading the article to learn more.

Red Child China:

The children wear red scarves and red stars to remember the sacrifice of revolutionary martyrs and to remind the connection between the Chinese Communist Party and the nation. In that video, Xi was wearing a red scarf he placed over a child’s shoulder. 

In the new series of primary school textbooks, this particular gesture is depicted. Now you have the answer to the question: What Is Red Child in China? The act of placing the red scarf over a child’s shoulder signifies that the children take the happy and fulfilling vision of Grandpa Xi. The video of placing the red scarf over a child’s shoulder was recorded at Yan’an Yucai Primary School in Shaanxi. 

The Ending Discussion:

The children in that video sang about the need to “achieve the Chinese Dream” and to “study diligently.” Now, you have all the details about Red Child China. Click on the link to learn about the Chinese Communist Party.

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