Religious Discrimination Bill Summary {Feb} Read Here!

The motive of this article is to describe the clear view about the Religious Discrimination Bill Summary in fast and accurate ways.  

What do you know about the recent Religious Discrimination Bill? 

Recently this bill is introduced in the parliament; as per the government’s claim, the bill will protect the laws of discrimination in the country. 

The bill has evoked both positive and negative criticism in Australia. As per our sources, the legislative authority introduced the bill this week. And discussion, debate and voting are going on the following week in the “House of Representatives”.

So, let’s point out the preliminary information about – Religious Discrimination Bill Summary

Summary on Religious Discrimination Bill? 

Last Tuesday, the legislative authority introduced the draft. In the new draft, the following points are crucial.

  1. No discrimination will be followed based on the belief of the religious faith. The state law body wants to ensure this protocol for every citizen of the country.
  2. In this new draft, “Clause of Folau” is not included. As per our research, in the new draft, the organization has the right to stop any employee’s personal religious expression.
  3. In the new mentioned draft, the health workers can terminate the duty for the religious faith.

The Implementation Procedure of the Religious Discrimination Bill Summary

The debate and voting will be conducted in the “House of Representatives” in the upcoming week.

After the discussion and voting, the bill will go to the “Senate” authority of the state. Due to some concerns raised by the “Member of Parliament”, 

The committee will discuss and examine the bill’s raised issue. As per our research, the completion of the examination by the committee the final voting procedure will be taken place.

As per our source, the final voting will happen just before the “Federal Election.”

The Raising Debate on the Religious Discrimination Bill Summary

The bill’s reform has divided the politicians, law and religious experts. Many “Members of Parliament” have welcomed the bill. 

The conservative MPs are happy with the new drafts. They claim the bill as the protection of human rights. Already the “Christian Lobby” of the country extends their full support to the law draft. 

In a statement, the organization claimed the bill would encourage the people of this country and clear doubts about their religious faith and expression. 

 But the liberal lobby already issued their concern about the – Religious Discrimination Bill SummaryThe moderate lobby concern is –the bill might hamper social solidarity based on religious faith. 

Why the News of the Bill takes attention

Many political commentators express that the luck of the bill will be decided by the government majority in the “Lower House”. 

If the present government has a clear majority, the bill will be passed without any hassle. If not, the government needs support from the other members of the “Senate”. 

The Final Draw

The final outcome will be decided by the following year as per our survey. Meanwhile, as per our sources – the “Australian Labor Party” already expresses their support to the Religious Discrimination Bill Summary as it backs religious freedom and protection. 

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What is your opinion about the bill? Please comment. 

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