What Is Bill 124 for Nurses {Feb 2022} Complete Insight!

This article on What Is Bill 124 for Nurses is meant to answer some unexplored aspects of the issue and provide unbiased research.

Few questions! What is the importance of nurses in a healthcare system? Has the pandemic not tested their work? And no doubt, Yes and all nurses with the entire healthcare fraternity outperformed and saved millions of lives.

In the concern of a vital pillar of the health system, the question, “What Is Bill 124 for Nurses?” must have struck to your readings these days.

It has been in the news since 2019 because of legislation enforced by a province called Ontario on the border side of the United States.

Without further delay, let’s learn other aspects of the Bill.

About Bill 124:

According to Canadian lawyer mag, Bill 124 was passed in Ontario after being tabled by Premier Doug Ford in 2019.

 It meant to place the community of Nurses in a discouraging situation; the Bill talks about the increase in the compensation added to their regular salaries by 1% annually for three years. 

But then why the question raises, “What Does Bill 124 Mean for Nurses?” because, in reality, the increment is only for the namesake since the inflation in the Ontario province is way higher, around 5.2%, as per Toronto news stats. 

That means nurses’ salaries have even decreased by around 4.2%, which is certainly discouraging for the selfless public workers. 

There are different kinds of predictions because of the Bill; some are as follows.

  • Puts the cap on the increment on the wages of the health workers.
  • Possible similar implications on other front line professions.
  • Can give a setback in the fight of Covid19 in the province.

Particularly, What Does Bill 124 Mean for Nurses?

Though there are some visible meanings of Bill 124 for the nurses, one Bill can have multiple meanings from different perspectives. 

As per our research, the nurses’ association says they are working in dangerous conditions, at low pay-scale and in burnout situations. 

And all these forces many of them to leave the industry irrespective of their financial stability. So, nurses are quitting the system day by day, and the industry is left understaffed, further deteriorating the remaining workers’ time.

Finally, What Is Bill 124 for Nurses from the Government side?

The intention of the government behind the Bill, 124 could be any, but as per the available info over the internet, the government is trying to balance its fiscal management through the sustainable provision of public services. 

There is hope from the management side to work upon the possible moderation measures concerning the increment and the compensation for the public employees. 

Now, many organizations are joining their hands to work for the rights of the nurses and other affected workers and demanding from the administration the repeal of Bill 124 and make all-inclusive enactments.

Final thought:

To conclude, the question “What Is Bill 124 for Nurses?” could be best answered by both parties’, the government and the nurses’ associations. That bipartite discussion can only bring win-win results.

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