Credit National Assist Scam (Feb) What We Know So Far?

The post talks about Credit National Assist Scam and elaborates on the other details and how to report it.

The internet has opened a medium for people to gain information about anything and everything. Besides, it has also opened the platforms for numerous scams that can instantly allure people into believing them.

With the online scams in surge globally, it is imperative to research well before entrusting your details. However, one such scam doing rounds across the United States has been reported in the news. Thus, we bring you information and detail about Credit National Assist Scam and what it is exactly.

So, read the sections below to know more details.

What Are The Credit Card Scams?

Credit card scams and online scams are among the most popular forms of techniques used by scamsters. Herein, the information shared by the user is stolen by fraudsters who thereby use it to trick money.

On the other hand, the other modus operandi includes posing as an official from any particular bank. They may even pretend to have a believable name, something like Paul Budnek, so that you’ll be more likely to trust them. As a result, the user is confident about divulging their credit card details, only to find later that they are duped.

In the coming section, we will be elaborating more about the Credit National Assist Scam, another scam technique claiming to provide users financial assistance, thereby leading to fraud.

What is The Scam All About?

The latest scam doing rounds across the United States is Credit National Assistance, wherein users have reported fraudulent phone calls offering financial assistance from scammers. The modus operandi is as follows:

  • You will receive calls from unidentified phone numbers
  • Or the scammer may leave a voicemail asking the user to call back
  • These scammers identify themselves as working at Credit National Assist Company, helping to settle your debt.

How To Identify The Credit National Assist Scam?

As per sources, the caller promises to provide you with financial assistance for settling your debts. Furthermore, they would ask you to share their personal information such as name, bank account details, address, and social security number.

Herein, one of the users spoke about receiving calls from 888-206-4756 wherein the caller claimed to be from the Credit National. The user was thereby asked about her online request seeking financial help and getting it approved.

The AARP warns the following to identify Credit National Assist Scam which are as follows:

  • The callers claim to eliminate or reduce your debt within a specific timeline.
  • They request to cut off from your creditors.
  • They do not provide much information about the company unless you provide financial information.

Final Conclusion

With the internet making it possible to buy and sell anything and everything, it has also made it a platform for fraudsters to scam. Besides, it is to be noted that no debt relief company will demand any pay to provide their assistance, which is a method used by scamsters.

We hope this article provides information about the Credit National Assist Scam. You may report to the Federal Trade Commission if you face this scam.

Did you also receive any call claiming to be from Credit National? Let us know about your views and feedback in the comments section below. Also, get informed about online scams here.

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