Lonnie Keith Obituary: Was He A Rapist? Read Details About Lonnie Scott Keith From Chico And His Wife.

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Did you hear about the recent death of Lonnie Keith? And are you looking for his obituary to send his family members condolences? We are here to help you!

We found that our readers were keen to learn about United States-born Lonnie Keith’s death and obituary. Even though not much information is available on Lonnie Keith Obituary, here are all the details we know so far!

About Lonnie Keith’s Obituary:

We researched thoroughly and found that Lonnie Keith Maggard passed away on 23 August 2022. He was born on 26 October 1956 and died aged 65 years. The obituary did not reveal the reason for his death anywhere online. 

But we do know that he had worked as a security guard and had worked in the City of Hyden. He was a lifelong resident of Leslie and enjoyed fishing and reading the Bible.

This is the latest obituary of Lonnie Keith available online. However, we must inform you that many readers have been looking for Lonnie Scott Keith details. Lonnie Scott was sentenced to prison long ago, but people have recently asked more about him. Read the details below!

Chico Lonnie Keith Case:

Lonnie Scott of Chico, an ex-physician assistant at Oroville Medical Center, was sentenced to 26 years in September 2014. The defendant, Lonnie Keith, 41 years old, had agreed to the upper-term sentence when he had pleaded guilty to all the accusations against him.

The Chico Police caught Keith driving a car with syringes, gloves, handcuffs, a stun gun, adhesive tapes and more when they stopped him.

Is Lonnie Keith Serial Rapist?

Lonnie Keith was accused of three counts of kidnapping and a count of forceful assault. The Police had investigated and found 12 total incidents involving Lonnie Keith, but when he changed the plea, most counts were dropped. When he was arrested in 2013, his medical license was suspended immediately.

Judge James Reilley had told the court that the facts of Lonnie’s case justify his upper-term imprisonment: 18 years for the kidnappings and 8 years. The Judge also ordered Keith to pay restitution to the victims and stay away from them for 10 years.

Lonnie Keith Wife Statement:

Kari Keith, the wife of Lonnie Keith, only found out the truth about her husband when the Chico Police showed up at her doorstep after arresting Lonnie. She couldn’t believe her husband’s crimes and informed the media that Lonnie would always make excuses whenever she found syringes, zip ties and other odd things in his car.

After the case continued for months, Kari admitted that she never really knew her husband. She also reached out to the victims apologizing to them for Lonnie’s crimes. She joined the North Valley Community Foundation to start a fund for families who went through the same situation as hers.

Final Words:

Lonnie Keith Chico, United States case, was closed long ago when Lonnie was sentenced to prison for 26 years. However, people wanted to learn more about it. So, we provided all the details we had found.

Most people post online obituary for their dear and loved ones. You can find Lonnie Keith’s Obituary too.

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