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What did Kim Burrell say about church-goers? What was her statement after this incident? Did she apologize for this incident? The United States‘s Gospel singer Kimberly Burrell, also known as Kim Burrell, is criticized for her opinion on church-goers. But Kim Burrell What Did Say? If you want to know the entire controversy of Kim Burrell, her statements and the whole incident, then kindly read this detailed information till the end.

What Did Kim Burrell precisely state?

A Video Of Kim Burrell Goes viral.

  • On 19th July 2022, a video of Kim Burrell went viral, in which she was addressing the crowd at an event. The video reveals some controversial statements given by Kim Burrell about church-goers.
  •  According to the media reports, she called the church-goers of Pastor Brian Carn’s church “Ugly.” She even insulted attendees wearing hats. 

What Did Kim Burrell Do?

  • Burrell made multiple jokes on a similar subject; more expressly, she cracked a joke about interviewing people while making friends. She later earned a controversial statement about church-goers and called them “Ugly.” 
  • The crowd laughed at the beginning, but later, she insulted people wearing hats; at that moment, there was a lack of excitement in the audience. 
  • According to the media, there was a lack of clarity about the video recording time and date and what the event was. But this video was reportedly uploaded by @tavisminner on TikTok dated 19th July 2022. 

Kim Burrell What Did Say? And How Are People Reacting?

Comments On Social Media platforms

  • After the controversial statement, people immediately took the support of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram; They started criticizing Kim Burrell for her thoughts on church-goers.
  • Burrell’s thoughts on people attending churches and calling them ugly make people angry and annoying. There were many negative comments on the internet after this controversy. 

Kim Burrell’s Apology After Her Controversial Statement.

Kim Burrell Apologize Through social media platform: Instagram

  • After her controversial statement, she takes social media platforms’ help to apologize for the Kim Burrell What Did Say controversy for hurting people’s sentiments and offending them. 
  • In her official statement on Instagram, Kim Burrell apologized to people for offending them (even in jest) and did not intend to hurt anybody.

People’s Reaction To Kim Burrell’s Apology

  • She warned people from criticizing her and defaming her name, image or brand in her statement. Kim Burrell added that she would not tolerate harassment, slander or her character being defamed.
  • But people were not satisfied with her apology and still criticized her.

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