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Learn more here; What Happens To Mike In Sing 2? And what is the audience’s reaction to Mike’s disappearance?

Animation pictures like “Tom & Jerry” have always been the first choice for every kid when it comes to entertainment. However, the 90’s era was a decade that started a revolution Worldwide of Animated film-making but with better graphics and stories.

Afterward, youngsters also started enjoying this type of films. Some of the successful animated pictures of the ’90s are “The Lion King,” “Toy Story,” and many more.

There is a news about some animated character spreading globally that What Happens To Mike In Sing 2? Let’s find out.

What Exactly is Sing?

‘Sing’ was a successful animated musical comedy film released in Dec 2016, which earned $630 million globally. The film has some of the most exciting animal characters such as Ash, Buster moon, Mike, and many more. After the film’s success, the makers returned with a second sequel, ‘Sing 2’ in Dec 2021.

But the fans are disappointed because one of its main characters from the first part, “Mike,” was missing in this sequel. So read this article till the end to know What Happened To Mike In Sing 2?

Who is Mike?

In the first sequel, an arrogant mouse with large white ears and a pink tail named Mike is shown. His only aim shown in the film is to win that 100,000 Dollars reward he saw on the flyers. But he has no idea that the actual price was just 1,000 Dollars as featured on the flyers, which is a typing mistake by Buster moon’s assistant, Miss Crawly.

He later buys himself a new Flashy car from the money he swindled out from a group of three Russian bears in the card game.

What Happens To Mike In Sing 2

The angry Russian bears chased him down after knowing that Mike had cheated on them. But somehow, Mike managed to escape from there in his car. Later, the trio bear discovered Mike on the TV and headed towards the Moon theatre.

The last appearance of Mike is in the first sequel of the film, and he had never seen or heard again. Also, they were not present at the grand re-opening of the Moon’s theatre.

And in ‘Sing 2’, Mike didn’t appear.

Consequently, the audience has started to raise the question about What Happened To Mike In Sing 2?

As the story goes, the bears grabbed the mike and took him outside from the theatre, and swallowed him. But this time, his girlfriend Nancy pulled over in his car slammed the door into the bear’s stomach, causing the bear to spit out Mike from his mouth. They both managed to drive off from there.

Audience’s Reaction

Among the fans, Mike has become a topic of discussion as everyone has their theories over what has happened with him? And why he didn’t show up in the second part?

So, What Happens To Mike In Sing 2? Well, the actual reason behind Mike’s disappearance is still unknown to the date.

One of the fans on Quora marked a theory:

“You are never going to see Mike again. I guess that Mike came to an unfortunate end. So, the poor McFarlane doesn’t get a chance to appear in this sequel….”

Please share your thoughts below in the comments section to let us know your theories of Mark whereabouts. 

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