Is Noir Wild Scam {Aug 2022} Read Comprehensive Reviews!

Read this article, and you will get every single detail that will help you judge Is Noir Wild Scam or not.

Do you love to do makeup to look prettier? Always love to buy branded cosmetics over others? While searching for cosmetics, you came to know about Noir Wild. Have you made your plan regarding purchasing a product from Noir Wild?

You will be amazed to know that Ladies of the United States of America and the United Kingdom love to do makeup. Recently came to know about Noir Wild, and now they are demanding authentic website reviews to know whether Is Noir Wild Scam or legit. Continue reading this article to find out some more detail.

Legitimacy factors of Noir Wild!

We all have been aware of various online scams to discover Noir Wild’s legitimacy. We all need to verify all the important factors. Scammers who mainly use fake domains to scam new buyers after reading this article won’t fall into this trap again. Hence few important points that you all need to know are as follows:

  • Noir Wild has been active from 8th September 2021, and they have already gained online experience of 11 months.
  • Though they have 11 months of experience, we have searched for Noir Wild Reviews and found few reviews on their portal.
  • The Trust score that Noir Wild has achieved is only about 21 per cent, which is not at all a good score.
  • Though they have low trust scores, we decided to look for the ranking of Alexa, and they only get 2174272.
  • We have also looked for the Alexa ranking, and we only get about 35 per cent, and we cannot say this is a good score.
  • The content that they are using on their portal is hundred per cent unique, and they do not have any content with plagiarism issues.
  • Noir Wild has already uploaded its social media account, and still, people are asking, Is Noir Wild Scam?
  • The owner has not provided any details. While we search for the owner, we do not get any information.
  • Contact details have not been uploaded, and any customer cannot easily connect with the team of Noir Wild.
  • The domain will expire on 8th September 2023. Still, it has more than years.

What is Noir Wild?

Noir Wild has been trying to create brand value by selling various makeup kits and other things for ladies. Right now, customers have started to search for details about Noir Wild, and at the same time, they have been raising a question: Is Noir Wild Scam?

Specification of Noir Wild!

  • The domain name of Noir Wild has been registered as
  • URL Link has been developed, and customers can visit their page at
  • Noir Wild has promised to deliver products to the customer’s doorstep within 5 to 10 days.
  • Customers can easily refund their unwanted products within 30 days.
  • Contact details have not been uploaded until now, and we do not find an email ID.
  • Noir Wild has only created Instagram and Pinterest, and other accounts have not been found.
  • The payment option of Noir Wild has also provided lots of information about Amex, Grey, VISA etc.

Is Noir Wild Scam providing some PROS and CONS:

PROS of Noir Wild:

  • Delivery policy Noir Wild is attractive, and they will deliver products within 5 to 10 days.
  • A refund policy will help customers to refund within 30 days.
  • Lots of payment will make Noir Wild a more accessible portal over the web.
  • The team of Noir Wild has created certification to provide security.

CONS of Noir Wild:

  • Correct contact details have not been given or uploaded by the team of Noir Wild.
  • Websites take time to load at this stage, which will be annoying for customers.
  • Trust core of Noir Wild is very poor.

Noir Wild Reviews

Noir Wild has been active for 11 months and has gained many reviews on its portal. They might have social media accounts, but we do not find any details regarding their contact details. A popular review portal shows Noir Wild as a scam. While talking about Scams, we suggest you click here and learn some new things about PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Based on our research, Noir Wild has been active for a few months. Still, they do not upload any contact details about them, and the trust score of Noir Wild is also not upto the mark. But popular review websites suggest viewing some other authentic website because this portal seems like a scam. 

So what will be your answer? Is Noir Wild Scam? Please share your views by writing something in our comment box. Meanwhile, click here and read new updated information about Credit Card Scam.

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