Is Averie Clothing Scam {Oct 2022} Read Honest Reviews!

Averie Shop is providing amazing deals, so this article provides information about Is Averie Clothing Scam or not.

What is the Averie website? What does this website provide to consumers? What are its specific features? If you are eager to know about this website and learn whether is legit or not, you can stay with us in this article. 

Averie is, although a website which is delivering its services all over the world, it is so specifically popular in the United States. People are interested to know whether the website is trustworthy or not so that they can decide whether to invest in it or not. So, in this article, let’s begin our discussion about Is Averie Clothing Scam

Is Averie Website Legit or not? 

  • Domain age: This factor is of utmost importance for any website to claim legitimacy. But we found that is not in favor of this factor because it is less than six months old, which is not a desirable number. It was created on 1st April 2022, and thus, we have to wait for more time. 
  • Social media sites: There is social media presence on this website which is again a fantastic option for us to trust. It shows transparency as they are also active on its social media sites. 
  • Consumer Reviews: There is an availability of consumer reviews so that we can trust this site. It provides complete Averie Clothing Reviews, which show how consumers are satisfied with this website. 
  • Trust Score: When discussing trust score, this website does not have a proper or desirable one; it ranges around 11%, which is not enough. Therefore, we have to wait for more factors to determine its legitimacy. 
  • Policy details: As per the research on its official website, we have found policy details available on the website. 
  • Contact details: The website has also provided a mode to contact them; thus, we can trust its contact details too. 
  • Certification: HTTPS certification also shows that it cares for consumer data protection. 

Thus, with all these factors, Is Averie Clothing Scam does not seem valid in this case. 

What is is a website that holds unique products on its site. You can visit this website if you wish to have some unique dresses for your vacation, especially for the beaches and water areas in the United States.

It consists of dresses you can use on vacations, casuals, and other accessories for both men and women. So, this is amazing for us to visit the site and collect the best products in our cart. But as the website is new, we are a bit skeptical about its legitimacy. Therefore, we are learning about Is Averie Clothing Scam in this article to clarify our doubts. 


  • Website type: Retailer platform.
  • Product: Dresses and other accessories. 
  • URL:
  • Domain name:
  • Domain age: Less than six months. 
  • Email Address:
  • Address: Not available
  • Contact number: Not available
  • Shipping details: The delivery time will depend on the area; generally, it will take 2-6 business days. 
  • Return Policy: accepts returns within 14 days. 
  • Refund Policy: Refund will be processed within 5-10 days of return. 
  • Social media account: Available
  • Payment Details: Payment gateways are not clear. 
  • Certification: HTTPS certification. 

Advantages of to learn about Is Averie Clothing Scam

  • The website contains fantastic products online, which you can find for your casual wear, travel accessories, and other such products are available on this website. 
  • Social media is available on this website, which is another tremendous advantage of 
  • There are consumer reviews available on this website. 
  • The site also holds HTTPS certification. 

Disadvantages of 

  • The main disadvantage of this website is that it has some high-priced products that are not suitable for consumers. 
  • Another disadvantage of this site is that it was created recently, so not much information is available. 

What are Averie Clothing Reviews?

Per the information available on its official website, specific reviews are available about it. The reviews claim that the website features are fantastic, and they loved to order their products from it. Consumers are happy with the website. 

Therefore we can find more than four stars on the website. In addition, you can also find and learn some details about how to save yourself from Credit Card scams

Final Verdict: 

Averie Clothing’s website provides terrific deals to consumers, who can get all the necessary accessories at one destination. Apart from this, we researched Is Averie Clothing Scam and found that the website seems legit, but more information is required to claim its legitimacy. 

However, you can learn more about the website. Besides this, you can also learn how to secure yourself from PayPal scams. Whether you have visited this website or not? Please comment below. 

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