Woman Drowns Kids (Sep) Know The Detailed Facts Here!

The article explains the children’s death, how they happened, and their mother’s real situation is described; all can get this by reading Woman Drowns Kids. 

Did you hear the news about the kids who drowned? What happened to the child’s mother? Where did the incident occur? What happened to children? Was the mother under depression? Did you try to find out gather the exact situation on the internet? If not, go through the below article to know the same details. People from the United States and Canada were shocked after hearing the news. The police are trying to gather the details to see the situation, and one can read the Woman Drowns Kids.

Who are the kids, and what happened?

A mother drowned her three children near Coney Island’s famous boardwalk on Monday, according to Brooklyn police. Police identified the bodies as those of Zachary Merdy, 7, 3-month-old Oliver Bondarev, and Lilana Merdy, 4. The search began in the early morning hours after police received a call from a relative concerned about the woman’s intentions. During the 90 minutes between the mother’s disappearance and her discovery, she was barefoot and soaking wet, almost 2 miles (3 kilometers) down the boardwalk where she lived on Coney Island. Few more details about Mother Drowns Kids are explained.

When the patrol found the children?

Detectives were questioning Merdy at the local police precinct. According to Chief of Department Kenneth Corey of the New York Police Department, she has not said anything. Following the discovery of the mother alone, the search for the children intensified. Marine units and helicopters were dispatched. A few hours after 4:30 a.m., the children were found in the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team playing at a stadium about 13 blocks away. According to Corey, nearby hospitals failed to revive the children. After hearing the news Mother Drowns 3 Children, the grandmother said in an interview with the Daily News, Merdy’s mother, Jacqueline Scott, 56, explained that her daughter had been having a difficult time lately but was a loving mother.

What is the reason for the incident?

 Scott told the newspaper that she could have been suffering from postpartum depression. Police and family sources said a Brooklyn mother with health issues is suspected of drowning her three young children on Coney Island beach on Monday morning after confessing to them. Still, the investigation about the children’s mother is ongoing, and police are about to share about the Mom Drowns 3 Kids.  

The police retrieved a shoe in the water as evidence as they continued their search. According to the security supervisor, the family moved into Merdy’s building less than a year ago. The authorities did not report that the mother had previously abused or neglected her children. The criminal charges Merdy might face had not yet been decided.


After surfing the internet, it is found that the mother did the incident due to pressure, and the investigation is still in progress to know the exact information. However, it is believed that the children’s mother did that due to pressure issues. Gather more details online.

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