600 Breezy Kids – Does He Have Triplets: Know His Net Worth in 2022!

Here is a news report on 600 Breezy Kids and about the entangled drama between Queen Key and 600 Breezy about him being the biological father of her triplets.

How does one manage the repercussions of having your personal life becoming a viral matter on the internet? What kind of an environment is two feuding parents for a couple of newborns? 600 Breezy, the Billboard charting rapper is allegedly the father of Queen Key’s triplets. 

The United States based star rose to fame after he took music as a serious career. He denies being the father of Queen Key’s triplets and there is much speculation about 600 Breezy Kids

The beginning of their feud 

Queen Key and 600 Breezy began their relationship in 2019, and in September of the same year, Queen Key posted a private video of the both of them, to publicly humiliate him. This caused their fallout, and soon, she announced her pregnancy, naming 600 Breezy to be the father. 

The rapper was already in a relationship with Black In Crew’s Sky by then. Queen Key’s announcement on her Instagram Live, led to an internet war of the two rappers. 600 Breezy denied being the father and claimed to falsify the tags of being triplet’s father. 

600 Breezy Triplets: Response!

Breezy asked for Queen Key to generate DNA testing of the babies to determine if he was the biological father of those kids. He made quite a spectacle of himself by answering every vile comment he received on his Instagram handler.

600 Breezy: A life recap of the Hip Hop star 

Coming from a low income neighborhood in Chicago, he was quick to join a gang called Black Disciples. During this time, he was arrested at the age of 21. Another five years later, he was sent to prison for a parole violation, in 2017. 

600 Breezy Net Worth 2022 is estimated around $800,000 USD. 600 Breezy has had a promising career as a rapper, however, his multiple imprisonments and lawsuits had tainted his reputation and asset portfolio quite a bit, and have been dwindling ever since. 

The rapper began his career in 2013 after one of his members introduced him to hip hop music. After L’A Capone died, he began taking music seriously and borrowed from his life’s anecdotes to inform his music and lyrics. He is said to have been influenced by the works of Gucci Mane, Drake and other rap stars. 

600 Breezy Kids Triplets: Fact or Cap?

In a 2020 interview, 600 Breezy said that he’s glad that he had “ducked a few babies’ ‘ and thanked DNA testing. He says all his relationships with women lead to pregnancy claims. 

He has since denied being the father of Queen Key’s babies, who had blasted him on her social media handles for being an absent father who paid no child support for the three babies. 

Note: All the details have been taken from authentic and reliable internet sources.


The reports on whether the triplets are 600 Breezy Kids still remains inconclusive. The rapper has renounced responsibility and Queen Key remains vocal about how her kids were denied the perfect comfortable childhood because of 600 Breezy’s lack of responsibility.  

Do you think the kids belong to 600 Breezy? Let us know in the comments below. 

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