Justinbiebersp22 Com {April 2022} Stars Channel Hacked!

Justinbiebersp22 Com has shared a recent incidence of hacking of the social media accounts of some famous music stars.

Justin Bieber Justice world tour 2022 will arrive on 14th September in Brazil. The singer is expected to reach Sao Paulo after performing “Rock in Rio 2022” in Argentina. Many other countries are also on the list of Bieber, but the above-given date is for his performance in the South American country.

Most of his fans are excited about this tour and want to know the details of this tour. The world tour is named after his latest hit of last year. To know more about this event, read Justinbiebersp22 Com till the end.

Ticket sale for Sao Paulo Concert:

The ticket sale for the show will start next week, and people are expected to book the tickets in advance. We have listed the timing for ticket sales below.

  • Pre-sale for Inter Mastercard clients will start on 18th April and end on 22:00 time 19th April.
  • The ticket sale for the general public will start on 20th April Wednesday at the official ticket site.
  • The viewers can purchase the VIP ticket after the ticket sale starts.

The concert is presented by Inter and MasterCard and produced by Times For Fun enterprise. 

Justinbiebersp22 Com Ticket Price:

The VIP ticket is priced at a premium level, but customers can get a ticket for the general public at a reasonable rate. The ticket is also priced according to its placements which can be sector, half stage and centre.

The rates of tickets are mentioned below by their placement.

  • Top chair – Half Entrance  175, Center  350
  • Track – Half Entrance 260, Center 520
  • Lower chair – Half Entrance 290, Center 580
  • Green track – Half Entrance 500, Center 1000
  • Blue Track – Half Entrance  500, Center 1000

The BRL is the unit of currency in which the above amount is given.

VIP Package at the Bieber Music Concert:

The website Justinbiebersp22 Com has all the information related to the music event. In addition to the above tickets, the audience has the choice of purchasing VIP tickets that have many other events attached to them.

The different types of VIP tickets and their prices are mentioned below.

  • Justice VIP Experience – This ticket will allow the customer to take a premium blue track sector seat. Group photos and backstage tours are added advantages of this package. The price of this ticket is BRL 5,500.
  • Ghost VIP Package – It will give early entry to the ticket holder and is priced at BRL 2,000.
  • Peaches VIP Package – Justinbiebersp22 Com mentions that this is a limited edition tour souvenir priced at 1000.

Additional Information about the Bieber Concert:

The ticket will be available from Monday to Sunday at the official ticket office from 10 am to 6 pm until the stock ends. The stadium’s capacity is 47,201, and the gate will open at 4 pm, with the show starting at 9 pm.

Final verdict:

The fans of Justin Bieber can start booking for the show on 18th of April according to their interest and preference. Further, you can check the official website for this detail, but it is available only in Portuguese language.

Justinbiebersp22 Com fans can share their views in the comment section below.

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