Is Anna Kendrick In A Relationship – Check Her Relationship History & Know The Current Status!

In this article, we will discuss the relationship status of the actress Anna Kendrick and, Is Anna Kendrick In A Relationship or not.

Have you heard about the famous award-winning American actress Anna Kendrick? If yes, then in this article, we will try to get to know details about the relationships of Anna Kendrick and other stuff related to the actress’s life for the knowledge of the people across. Anna Kendrick is famous in countries like the United States, the  United Kingdom, Canada and many more. 

Through this article, we will discuss several details of the life of Anna Kendrick and whether Is Anna Kendrick In A Relationship or not. Stay tuned for further updates. 

Know Anna Kendrick relationship details? 

It was rumoured that Anna was in a love relationship with an actor Bill Hader. According to recent media reports, it is claimed that they had broken off their relationship in June this year. 

During the recent talks with the media after her latest work, Anna revealed that she was a victim of psychological abuse in a relationship, which is very similar to her character in the film. It was a heartbreaking experience with her suffering. 

Anna Kendrick Relationship History

Anna is currently 37 years of age, and resides in Los Angeles. Research found that she has been in many relationships till now. Anna had a rather long dating history in comparison to others. In 2009 there were reports of her dating Edgar Wright, a filmmaker. After their break up in 2013, she started dating an English cinematographer, Ben Richardson; in 2014, they also ended up breaking up.

Recently around 2020-21, there were rumours of her being in a relationship with an actor named Bill Hader, and they split up in June 2022, according to the media reports. Currently, Anna Kendrick Relationship Status is single to the public. 

Details about Is Anna Kendrick Relationship

Anna Kendrick has been in a relationship multiple times with different people. Anna recently talked about her relationship with the media about her new work; she said that the person she had loved and trusted the most had abused her, and it was tough to get out from that state.

Why has Anna Kendrick been a topic of discussion recently? 

The love life of many actors and actresses is very much in talks of the town. The same is true for Anna Kendrick; the rumours about Is Anna Kendrick In A Relationship are circulating all over the internet. Celebrities are often part of the limelight because of their relationships. You can also look at the link provided here for more updates.

Note: All information contained in the article is based on internet research. 


After reading the whole blog, we get the idea that Anna is currently single and not dating anyone. After she shared her life experiences about all the things she suffered, she also said that the realisation of her not being at fault for her failed relationship comes with her. 

Do you have any information on Is Anna Kendrick In A Relationship? Comment below and inform others through this post. 

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