Is Who Johanna Constantine {Aug 2022} Find The Details!

In this post, we have discussed Is Who Johanna Constantine? Here we also explained why her character differs from “The Sandman” comic.

Are you excited about the Netflix origin “The Sandman”? Did you read “The Sandman” comic book or not? So, what are the differences between in Netflix origin series and the comic book? Why are the characters from the comics changed in the series? The people around the United States are excited for the series, which will finally get released, and The Sandman’s fan’s long wait is over. Thus, here is a little spoiler of the show which explains Is Who Johanna Constantine

Who is Johanna Constantine in the Series?

The Netflix origin series based on the comic book “The Sandman” is released under the same name, “The Sandman.” In the series, many characters were twisted or added, including the character of Johanna Constantine. Johanna Constantine is a secretive occult researcher who walked with Morpheus on his path while his journey for one of the most dangerous possessions, known as Sand Pouch.

The Sand Pouch is one of the three most powerful tools of The Sandman, which is used to make people sleep in battles. In the series, when Roderick captured Morpheus, it was that Sand Pouch found its direction into Johanna Constantine’s possession, due to which the moodiest member of the Endless came back to London.

What is the reason for Is Who Johanna Constantine decision to gender-bend?

There are two reasons why the series maker decided to bend John’s character into Johanna. The forest reason for changing the character in the series is that when the author started writing his comic known as The Sandman, it was pretty easy to bring various heroes and villains into his comic. He brings Mr. Miracle, Martian Manhunter and John Constantine on different-different pages of the book to make people more excited and curious. To know more about Is Who Johanna Constantinekeep reading the article.

But, Netflix does have the right to include other DC characters in his series; even though they have, it will not be worth it because it will become complicated. 

The second reason for changing the gender of this character in the series is that the character in the comic was two different characters from John. The book the Dream meets Johanna was about three centuries with her descendent while crossing the paths. So, the series maker thought it would be more exciting to have the same character in two parts. 

Did you come to know Is Who Johanna Constantine? Though, in the series, it looks like Johanna has two versions. Did you watch the series “The Sandman”? If you haven’t watched the series, watch Session 1 of “The Sandman.” It is out now.


The Sandman session released on Netflix is based on the comic book known as The Sandman. In the series, several characters are eliminated, add-on, bender-bend, and many other changes from the comic. Though these changes are for the betterment of the series, let’s see how the audience will respond to these twists on the sandman season 1 

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