Ezekiel Kelly Shooting Memphis Tn: Who Is He? Is He Really A Suspect Or Not?

The post discusses Ezekiel Kelly Shooting Memphis Tn and elaborates further details.

Who exactly is Ezekiel Kelly? A lot of your questions related to Ezekiel, who is trending on the internet, will be answered in this article. So do not forget to read till the end to know more.

Firstly Ezekiel is currently trending across the United States; he was arrested for a series of shooting episodes in and around Memphis in Tennessee. Herein, he was arrested and imprisoned in 2021.Thus, read more about Ezekiel Kelly Shooting Memphis Tn and more information about the same.

Why is Ezekiel Kelly Trending?

Ezekiel Kelly, who is currently 19 years old, was arrested on 08 September 2022 by the police. As per sources, a gunman named Ezekiel live streamed his shooting around Memphis. Besides, the shooting killed four individuals and injured three more people through random attacks.

Furthermore, he was arrested after crashing a stolen car in the United States. In the further section, we will elaborate on the incident and other related details, so continue to read more. Thus, speaking more about Who Is Ezekiel Kelly is the gunman who was arrested for the alleged shooting and killing.

An Overview Of the Incident

  • Ezekiel Kelly is a 19-year-old individual who was arrested for a shooting in the Memphis region of Tennessee.
  • He was sentenced to three years of imprisonment after an assault in 2021
  • However, on 07 September 2022, he was alleged to kill four and injure three more people.
  • However, after a rampage of search, he was arrested on Thursday by the police.

Ezekiel Kelly Shooting Memphis Tn – What are the Latest Updates?

According to the Police Chief from Memphis, Chief CJ Davis, around 8 crime scenes took place all around the city. Besides, the gunman had live streamed the entire shooting incident on Facebook. The video showcased a man targeted by the AutoZone store’s gunman.

However, the video clip was later removed from the Facebook Site. Furthermore, in the latest update, the police first linked the incident with Kelly, which was reported at around 1. am on Wednesday.

Besides, Is Ezekiel Kelly Suspect Or Not, the police tweeted about hunting for silver or blue sedans and looking for a man involved in multiple shootings. The footage obtained from the video helped catch the suspect’s hold.

On the other hand, the University of Memphis announced a lockdown wherein they warned the students about a suspect on a shooting spree around the city.

Final Conclusion

All the information listed here is taken from internet sources. Herein, we do not hold any claim of any detail or data provided here. However, according to the latest update, Kelly was detained at 9.20 pm across the Memphis Whitehaven neighbourhood. Do you want to know more about Ezekiel Kelly Shooting Memphis Tn? Do read the details here

What more details do you know about the shooting? Then, share your insights and opinion in the comments section.

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