Who Owns Gofundme Canada {Feb} Read Current Decisions!

The following research on Who Owns Gofundme Canada will inform you about this company’s founders, owners, and projects.

Various organizations in the world work for the welfare of society with hoping for any financial profit. Such profit organizations in Canada and the United States have uplifted many sections of the society.

Have you heard about Gofundme? Who Owns Gofundme Canada? This article will help you all know about this profit organization and how it works. If you are curious to know about it, please read this article with the utmost attention.

About Gofundme

Gofundme is a for-profit crowdfunding organization of America that helps people in their life challenging moments by raising funds from the citizens. They aim to raise funds to help people in their celebrations, illness, education, accidents, and many more. Till 2020, more than $9 billion has been collected by over 120 million people. The website was launched on May 10, 2010. Its headquarters lies in California, Redwood City, United States.

Who Owns Gofundme Canada?

This crowdfunding platform was launched eleven years ago. GoFundMe, Inc. is the present owner of a for-profit crowdfunding organization, but with the partnership of PayPal, it opened the branch in Canada. This company was founded by Andrew Ballester and Brad Damphousse in 2010 (May 10). It was recognized in San Diego (California). In 2008, both the founders named their crowdfunding website ‘CreateAFund.’ However, the name was changed to Gofundme as the website made numerous development in their features.

Currently, their website is operating in many parts like Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Spain. Its offices are located in Dublin and San Diego. Now you all have got the information on Who Owns Gofundme Canada. Let’s discuss its growth in brief.

Growth of Gofundme since 2010

The website has seen good growth in his lifetime career. From 2010 to 2020, over 120 million contributors have donated, and its profit was increased up to $9 billion. In 2017 (March), the website became the biggest organization to raise over $3 billion in funds since it was launched. As per the reports, it was found that this organization received over $140 million as donations, and they made a revenue of $100 million. 

Later, the organization was sold to Technology Crossover Ventures and Accel Partners. The current CEO of Gofundme is Tim Cadogan. As per Who Owns Gofundme Canada, we found that Ballester is still the Board of Directors of the company. 

Latest Action By Gofundme on truckers ‘Freedom Convoy’

Recently, Truck drivers of Freedom Convoy protested against the government’s new policies where they had to show their vaccination certificate and unvaccinated minor drivers had to stay in quarantine for 14 days, which had affected their work a lot. So, the Gofundme crowdfunding organization stood up in its support and declared to seize all their donations to favor the truck drivers. They decided to refund all the donations to the donors; that was the most significant decision.


As per our research on Who Owns Gofundme Canada, we informed our readers about this company’s founders, owners, and projects. Therefore, we hope that more people come forward to donate to this company. Please check this page to know more about Gofundme company.  

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