Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands (Feb) What’s The News?

This article offers the relevant details about a viral statement; Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands.

Coronavirus vaccines have been significantly successful in eliminating and bringing down the spread of the virus that’s causing immense damage to life and resources by significant figures. Without the availability of these vaccines, many people would have likely caught the virus and suffered because of it.

A recent claim alleges that the unfair criticism of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine led to the loss of thousands of lives. This claim has made Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands trendy. This headline has gone viral mainly in Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Keep reading this article to obtain more details about this headline and the claim.

What is Astra Zeneca?

AstraZeneca is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that’s arguably most popularly known for its vaccine for the Coronavirus. It’s a British-Swedish company with its headquarters in Cambridge, England, and a diverse portfolio covering products and practices in various scientific fields.

Their most recent and popular offering is the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine for Coronavirus. The viral statement involving the Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands claim has gone viral concerning some reports about this vaccine.

Who Gave This Viral Statement?

Let’s look at more details about this viral statement and the context of this claim:

  • This claim was made by Dr. John Bell, one of the scientists involved in developing this vaccine.
  • Some politicians made some claims about the ineffectiveness of this vaccine in older people.
  • According to Dr. Bell, these claims gave a perfectly working vaccine a lousy reputation, and many people did not go for it, which likely led to the loss of thousands of lives of people in need of vaccination.

Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands

Let’s look at more details about this claim below. Please note that we merely provide information about the claim and do not make any political statement.

  • This headline has consistently made news ever since Dr. John Bell gave this statement.
  • The poor reputation surrounding this vaccine led many people in need of vaccination not to get this particular vaccine, which led to the loss of life.
  • John Bell asserted that this poor behavior by politicians is responsible for the loss of lives of thousands of people.
  • The claim involving the viral Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands statement is getting some traction as vaccination statistics reflect that many people haven’t gone for the AstraZeneca vaccine despite its availability.
  • A noteworthy fact is that only nearly 48,000 booster doses of the total 37 million doses were AstraZeneca vaccine, which is relatively less significant.
  • Read more about this headline here.

The Final Thoughts       

Dr. John Bell recently stated that the AstraZeneca vaccine’s poor reputation led to significant loss of life. We have mentioned the relevant details above.

Where did you first hear this viral claim? Do you agree with this viral claim? Kindly share your opinions on Oxford Jab Smears Kill Thousands in the comments. We have taken all the information from online sources to give you with the brief idea. You may research more to gather details.

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