The Luckiest Girl Alive Book: Read Its Synopsis And Summary Here!

The Luckiest Girl Alive Book, outlines the details of the book and explains the summary and the synopsis.

Are you the bookaholic type who sinks into books for hours and hours? Which would you choose: a mystery or a romance novel? Novels can drag us into different worlds. One such novel is being recreated into a film, and it has gained massive response from the people of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom. So, in this article, we will talk about the book, The Luckiest Girl Alive Book.

Trending news

Yesterday, Netflix released its new project trailer named “Luckiest Girl Alive”, which has been trending on the internet. It is a film recreated from New York’s best-selling book “The Luckiest girl alive”. 

It is a mystery novel that was released in the year 2015 with 17 chapters. It was the debut work of American writer Jessica Knoll. And Simson &Schuster, Macmillan are the publishers of that book. The book has been published in many countries. It has received good ratings from the readers. So Netflix has decided to make a film adaptation of this book starring Mila Kunis.

Luckiest Girl Alive Synopsis

This book is about the character named Anifanelli. Everyone wished for Ani’s life because it was perfect, with a good job, a loving fiancé Luke Harrison. But she had some hidden past secrets that haunted her every day. 

During high school, she had some assaults, heartbreaking school shooting incidents, gang molestation, etc., which created trauma in her life. When she decided to seek help, no one believed her and instead began to bully her. These incidents left deep wounds in her mind, raising questions about her true identity and needs.

Book summary 

The Luckiest Girl Alive Summary is about a 28-year-old successful girl. The story started when Ani agreed to participate in the documentary film, which is for the anniversary of school shooting incidents, because she had experienced a school shooting incident in her life, where she witnessed the deaths of five people. She attended the Bradley School, which houses Ani’s dark secrets. 

The anniversary function triggers the memories of her past incidents, and she conveys everything to Luke, but he refuses to accept everything; later, she discovers the truth behind the past incidents and she realises the power of confronting everything.

Book for women 

The Luckiest Girl Alive Book, ends with a beautiful ending as the entire trauma of Ani was addressed, Ani’s decision to break up their relationship with Luke and she will identify her real needs and desires of her life and then Ani live a new life as Tifani Fanelli.

The books address the common issues faced by women and their childhood trauma. So the author Jessica addressed each issue and co-related it with the life of Ani and how she successfully admitted everything and how the confession made her heart at ease.


The Luckiest Girl Alive Book, presented the details about the book. This book sheds light on modern-day problems like bullying, psychological problems, molestation, mass shootings, peer pressure, etc. This book has become a best seller because sometimes all we need is a little help to address our issues. This book helped a lot of people’s lives. Learn more about the book here.

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