Pre Approved Revvi .Com {August} Is This Site Authentic?

In this article, we will discuss a credit-providing website, Pre Approved Revvi .Com and try to assess its legitimacy.

Are you looking for pre-approved credit cards? Do you want good approval odds despite having bad credit?

A website by the name Pre Approved Revvi is gaining popularity for its credit card policies. A full-featured VISA credit card with the First Access Card is accepted wherever you see the VISA logo nationwide in the United States. You may apply right away using their simple and secure online form. Read the following guide to learn more about Pre Approved Revvi .Com.

About Pre Approved Revvi

For those with poor credit and who need to borrow money for emergencies but still want to earn rewards, the Revvi Card is a respectable unsecured credit card. After paying the card’s fee, cardholders receive 1% cash back on all transactions. The card has a $300 minimal available credit with no security deposit.

As per this site, no refundable security deposit is required for the Revvi Card as it isn’t a secured credit card. Instead, you will initially receive a $300 unsecured credit line.

Is genuine?

This website neither gives reviews on the primary page nor is linked to any social media networks. Let’s investigate its reliability.

  • Registrar: NAMECHEAP INC
  • Website registration: It was set up on January 24, 2017. It has been registered for more than two years.
  • Trust Index: According to a well-known website, its trust rating is 68 percent, making it a generally reliable website.
  • Missing information: Address, email, and phone numbers have been supplied; however, owner data appear to be lacking.
  • Data Security: There is evidence of the HTTPS protocol, which may be suitable for data sharing.

Features of Pre Approved Revvi .Com

As per this website, it is for identity theft defense and considers candidates with fair credit. On their purchases, cardholders can receive incentives as well. Plus, multiple credit bureaus receive reports from Revvi Credit Card.

But on the other side, purchase APRs are above normal, impose a $48 yearly charge, and do not provide a welcome benefit. Also, they have few credit card advantages. After a year, cardholders can ask for a higher credit limit. However, It’s crucial to remember that there is a credit card limit increase fee in Pre Approved Revvi .Com that is equivalent to 20% of any increment.

Reviews of Pre-Approved Revvi

We could not find any customer reviews on the website. But some external websites had reviews that were both positive and negative. However, people loved that it is for people with bad credit, but they rued about the expensive credit card fees. People also complained about the lack of a reward bonus and the lack of balance transfers.


In conclusion to this article, we have provided our readers with information on a website, Pre Approved Revvi .Com, that provides qualifying even with low credit. We have also included all the pertinent information about this website that our viewers will need to assess its reliability. To know more about the website, click on 

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