Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt {Feb} Find Forum Solution

Read the steps to resolve the errors in the latest version of Bitwarden 1.26.0. Know details and solutions for Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt.

Bitwarden is used Worldwide to store, manage and synchronize users’ passwords across multiple devices with various operating systems. Did you know that Bitwarden is the Best Password Manager announced by U.S. News & World Report in January 2021? 

Did you know that Bitwarden is recommended by CNET and Lifehacker respectively as the Best Free App Across Multiple Devices For Password Synchronization and as The Best Password Manager For Most People? Let us check the solution for Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt.

About Bitwarden Extension:

Bitwarden is a browser extension that is compatible with all browsers. It was developed by Bitwarden Inc. and launched on 10th August 2016 as a stable version. As it gained popularity, it was also launched as a stand-alone application. 

The central turning point was its release on Android, iOS, Desktops, Command-Line Interface, all types of Browsers and Servers in December 2021. 

Bitwarden became popular Worldwide as it supports multiple languages too. Bitwarden uses C# and TypeScript programming languages. Therefore, it can support several operating systems including Linux, macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. 

About Bitwarden Error:

Recently, Bitwarden Inc released version 1.26.0. The Bitwarden Chrome Extension users made two observations:

  1. Many users reported that once the update was completed if they had shut down their desktops and later switched it on, the Bitwarden Extension pops up an error message that it cannot decrypt the data(passwords) stored.
  2. Few other users reported that the error message popped up irrespective of restarting your desktops once the Bitwarden was updated to the latest version. 
  3. A large number of Bitwarden Extension users pointed out that the latest version works perfectly fine on laptops and other devices, except for desktops. 
  4. On the contrary, the Bitwarden Error was reported by a few users for other devices and operating systems.

The Solution for Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt :

The members of the Bitwarden forum had discussed the decryption error message. However, there was no information included on the official website in the Help and FAQ section.

  • The forum members informed that Bitwarden Extension needs to be uninstalled, and then the latest extension needs to be reinstalled. Once you log in to Bitwarden Extension, the Error gets resolved.
  • It is assumed that the update also gets uninstalled once the Bitwarden Extension is removed, resulting in the elimination of Bitwarden Error Cannot Decrypt
  • When you reinstall Bitwarden Extension, you are not updating it. Instead, you are installing the package afresh that is SUPPOSEDLY working better than the latest update.


In addition to the workable resolution provided by the members of the Bitwarden forum about reinstalling Bitwarden Extension, there are many users who suggested that you may try to clear the browser cache first. Secondly, you need to import the ‘.CVS’ backup in Bitwarden Extension that may resolve the issue. 

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