Queen Elizabeth Australia:Is Australia Under Her? Explore Her Coins: What Happens When She Die?

In this article on Queen Elizabeth Australia, read consolidated details about events that followed after the monarch’s demise.

It is sad news about the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Due to her health conditions, doctors had recommended she be admitted to the hospital. Her heirs had arrived at the hospital. Unfortunately, the Queen passed away on 8th-September-2022. 

She was the longest-serving British monarch, with her reign of seventy years and 214 days. What changes will happen Worldwide? Let’s analyze about the changes in this write-up on Queen Elizabeth Australia.

Does Queen rule Australia?

The monarchy in Australia is based on the Westminster system of parliamentarian government. Due to this, the succession rules related to the monarch are controlled by Australia as a part of the Australian constitution which is kept consistent with the British rules.

Therefore, the Australian monarch is only a constitutional monarch with no role in day-to-day operations in Australia. After Queen Elizabeth II, Charles becomes the King of Australia. 

However, Queen’s representative, the Governor General, is appointed by the monarch on the advice of the Australian Prime Minister, which answered Is Australia Under Queen Elizabeth?  

Victoria is the only state where the members from both houses of parliament have to take an oath of alliance to King Charles III. Other New South Wales MPs are not required to re-affirm their alliance with the King as they had already taken the oath of alliance to the Queen, her successors, and heirs.

Generally, senior barristers are appointed as Senior Counsel. If they wish, they may request to issue a letter to be a part of Queen’s Counsel. After Queen Elizabeth II, they will be addressed as King’s counsel.

What Happens When Queen Elizabeth Ii Dies? There will be many changes, including changes to the national anthem, Kings Charles III’s personal flag, and symbols of the postal system. 

The news about the demise of the Queen will be informed to the PM first and later to fifteen other countries where the Queen was the head of the states and finally to the thirty-six Commonwealth nations. The Governor General in Australia will exercises executive power.

The first signs of the Queen’s demise are seen at Buckingham Palace, where all the staff will wear three-and-a-quarter inches wide black armband.

Queen Elizabeth Coins:

Royal mint had printed legal tender currency depicting the picture of the monarch. This rule has been followed for more than 1,100 years now. After Queen Elizabeth II, the coins and paper currency with her picture will remain legal till a specific date. However, royal mail will stop minting currency with Queen’s face, and it will get replaced by the face and picture of King Charles III.


The Queen’s body will remain at Buckingham Palace for the next few days so that her family can spend time with her. After that, the Queen Elizabeth Australia body will be moved to Westminister Hall for visitation from the public. Finally, on the tenth day, her body will be moved to Westminister Abbey for the funeral. There will be a national day of mourning.

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