Where Is Donald Cline Now {May} Read Shocking Details!

The guide shares details about the documentary Our Father and lets readers know Where Is Donald Cline Now.

Do you binge-watch Netflix series and shows? If you regularly stream the OTT platform, you probably know about the newly released series, Our Father. 

The documentary is based on the storyline of Dr. Donald Cline, the renowned fertility doctor who is believed to have fathered over 90 kids by inseminating his patients without their consent.

After streaming the documentary, many users in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom want to know Where Is Donald Cline Now.

Where Dr. Donald Cline Resides Now?

Lucie Jourdan, the documentary’s director, said that he is still alive and active within his community in an interview. He is not dead and often goes to his grandkid’s swim meets. However, after the fertility scandal was exposed in 2014, the doctor kept a low profile. 

According to a report in 2019 by “The Atlantic,” Dr. Cline is still alive and residing in his hometown in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, the residential address of Dr. Cline is not clear yet, but he maintains a low profile after the exposure. He has many supporters in the community. 

Let’s Know Donald Cline Number of Children!

The documentary has made many things clear to the viewers. At the documentary’s climax, the director has depicted that Dr. Cline has 94 biological children, of which most of them are located in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Jacoba Ballard was the first woman to discover that she had seven half-siblings with a DNA test in 2014. She was 35 at that time when she discovered the fact. Jacoba is the prime protagonist of the documentary Out Father. 

She appears with her seven half-siblings in the documentary. Besides, several other biological Donald Cline Children were interviewed when the documentary was produced. There are more uncounted numbers of children Dr. Cline had, which are yet to be revealed.      

What Happened to Dr. Cline at Last?

Dr. Donald couldn’t be charged with the criminal activities associated with his medical practice. However, he was charged with two lawbreaking obstructions, resulting from the lies he said to the investigating officers when investigating the criminal activity of the doctor. 

The case didn’t reach a trial, and in Dec 2017, he pleaded guilty, and his one-year jail sentence was suspended. The license was canceled after that. Now Cline is in his 80s and retired from his practices. However, some people still want to know Where Is Donald Cline Now.          

Dr. Cline is in his 80s, and it is unknown where he is presently residing. However, a report in 2019 confirmed that he was living in the Indianapolis area, where dozens of his biological children reside. But, it is not confirmed where he lives presently. 


Dr. Cline’s crime was exposed in 2014, and the trial was closed in 2017. However, the case came into the limelight recently after releasing a documentary on Netflix, Our Father. The story tells everything about Dr. Cline and his practices. It is available for streaming, and you may start binge-watch the documentary to know Where Is Donald Cline Now. Read the full story online. 

Do you know where Dr. Cline lives? Please share it in the comment section.

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