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In this post, we will discuss Aiden Carter Obituary, the reasons behind his death, his family’s reaction, and more. Keep reading and know it better.

Are you shocked by the latest news of Carter’s Death? Did you know how he died? What is the leading cause of his death? Yes, people around the United States are exploring the internet as they hear about the unexpected death of a young boy. People are curious to know what happened to him. Why did he die, and when is his obituary as they want to offer him a last goodbye? To know every detail about Aiden Carter Obituary, read the post till last.

Obituary of Aider Carter

Aiden Carter, a resident of Sylvania, Ohio, died on August 29, 2022. However, the details of his obituary are still not confirmed to us. It might be his family, relatives, and school authority will confirm later. 

Aiden Carter was 13 years old, studying in Northview High School was found dead by suicide. He was a Men’s Ice Hockey player who died unexpectedly on Monday. The reasons for his death are still not known yet. Keep reading our updated posts regularly to know more details about his obituary and the reason behind his death. 

Family reaction to Aiden Carter Obituary

Aider Carter’s family was still shocked by the news of his sad passing away due to suicide. The family member, close ones, and Sylvania Northview High School authority are in mourn with the tragic death of him. The Sylvania Hockey Team community felt heartbroken by his death. However, the official details of his obituary are not presented at the publication time of this article. We pray may god gave the strength to his family and loved ones to bear this immense pain. 

Details of Sylvania Northview High School

At the time of publishing this article, there is no official statement about Aiden Carter Obituary, neither from his family nor from the school. So, let’s find out the detail of his school.

Sylvania Northview High School, which Carter was studying, is a public school in Sylvania, Ohio. This is a district Sylvania City School with 36 teachers and 1,348 students. Moreover, Sylvania Northview School is a successor of Sylvania High School. 

Data on Suicide cases in the UK 

There is extensive official data on suicide cases in the UK which is shocking. However, there are various reasons for suicide, and the authorities are worried that there is a yearly hike in the data. For more detail about Aiden Carter Obituarykeep reading our updated posts.

As per the data, suicide is the 12th leading cause of death among people. In 2020, 45,979 people died due to suicide, and there were 1.20 million suicide attempt cases in the United States. 


The young boy Aiden Carter died on Monday, 29, 2022, after attempting suicide. The cause of his suicide is still unknown, and there is no official statement about his obituary. However, his family and friends, are still in shock. To know more about Aiden Carter death click here 

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