Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam {Aug 2022} Find Info!

This post is about Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam to inform users about a phishing e-mail or message they should be aware of and handle carefully.

Did you get a subscription expiry alert from Geek Squad? Have you checked if it’s suspicious before reverting? Then, please hold on and be careful since it may be fraudulent activity. Many users from the United States recently received a mail stating their subscription expired. Many Geek Squad users have responded to the mail, and a few have paid subscription renewal payments. But did you check if it is a Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam?

What exactly is Geek Squad?

Best Buy’s subsidiary, Geek Squad, offers assistance with problems associated with appliances or computers. Both online and on-site assistance are included in this. Additionally, it provides a yearly subscription bundle for 199.00 USD, and it is precisely this feature that is utilized to mislead individuals.

The sophisticated phishing scheme that includes Geek Squad fake e-mails has been rolling on for a while. You might receive an e-mail from a fraudster warning that your Geek Squad membership has run out and will automatically continue unless you contact the given number. But, you should never provide your data or credit card numbers to avoid falling victim to these frauds.

Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam:

The scam e-mail associated with Geek Squad operates quite similarly to other hoaxes of this type. For example, a particular sum would be withdrawn from your bank to automatically renew the yearly subscription, according to a mail you get from a scammer.

There is a client service hotline available to stop the payment. However, visitors are more likely to provide private information, such as financial transactions or credit card details, once they contact the provided number. Additionally, people might occasionally be provided with a hyperlink to download malicious programs that can access their computers and collect important information. So, you must be careful since it may be a Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam

How to check if the mail from Geek Squad is fraud?

Here are a few tips to help you find out if the e-mail you received from Geek Squad is scam or not.

  • It would help if you verified the text for spelling or grammatical errors in the mail.
  • Examine how the e-mail you received is formatted.
  • Confirm the sender’s e-mail id 
  • Check out if the e-mail requests to provide personal data since Geek Squad never asks for it.
  • Find out if the e-mail’s information is inconsistent.
  • Also, look up comparable frauds online since many of such scams have identical information.

So, finding out that it is a Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam will help you avoid it. Besides, you can contact Geek Squad’s helpline to report suspicious e-mails. Tap here to know more about Geek Squad’s scam.


Phishing e-mails, regrettably, are just among the several drawbacks of the Internet’s extensive applications. The most recent addition to the collection is the Geek Squad hoax e-mails, which have cost victims a lot of money. Also, read How to protect yourself from a scam.

You may check the instructions above to avoid Geek Squad’s scam. Did you receive a subscription renewal e-mail from Geek Squad? Please write how you dealt with Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam

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