Supraja Florida Accident {June 2022} About The Incident!

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Are you aware of the recent accident in Florida? In today’s post, we will discuss the same. A family vacation in Florida ended in tragedy for a Schaumburg family last week when a woman died while paragliding, and many people were injured in the incident. A strong wind “pinned” the parasail, terminology for whenever the wind direction controls the paraglider chute instead of the vessel’s management. The news has received huge condolence from folks in the United States. Keep reading to learn more about Supraja Florida Accident.

About the Incident

On 31st May 2022, a Telugu female was murdered in a parachute mishap while being on holiday with her close one. Supraja (34), a native of Makkenavaripalem hamlet in Bapatla town, was killed. She was murdered in the tragedy, but her son Akshat was just slightly hurt.

So when the parachute struck a wall, the two were having a good time. Supraja died due to her wounds, although her kid survived with only cuts and bruises. According to authorities, while the first rescuers performed life-saving efforts, the female died at the scene. Officials say the youngster recovered breathing and was sent to Miami Children’s Hospital for care.

Florida Parachute Accident

The tragedy occurred in the vicinity of Pigeon Key. According to the reports, the wind rose, whereas the mom and her two kids were paragliding, forcing the parasail to collide with the Old Seven Mile Tunnel. The authorities claimed the weather “pegged” the parachute shortly after a woman and two young sons flew, indicating the commanders could no longer sustain it.

“When the paraglider hook, the skipper cut the rope attached to the three individuals, the three victims plunged from an undetermined height and were dragged across the sea by the inflated parasail,” detectives wrote.

Everyone’s Reaction To Supraja Florida Accident

The Supraja accident shocked everyone. People are sad after hearing the news. They are mourning her death and praying for her soul to rest in peace. This family in Florida is also mourning the loss of a loved one after a tragic accident left one woman dead and another hospitalized.

This accident is yet another reminder that activities under the influence can have tragic consequences for everyone involved. This incident seems to be very unhappening to everyone. After evaluating multiple things, we found very little information about the accident on the web. Keep reading to know more about Florida Parachute Accident.

Jagson Ingram Statement

Our hearts go out to the families and friends of those impacted by Monday’s tragedy, “In a release, Jason Ingram stated. “For a family hoping to spend their vacation in the Florida Keys, it was a complete disaster. 


The deceased’s family members are in trauma and are still trying to come out of it. The crew and colleagues of Jagson Ingram are researching the incident to understand what caused it and how to avoid future fatalities so that the waterways are as safe and secure.

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