Costco 40th Anniversary Scam (Mar) Read How To Avoid?

Do you want to know about the Costco 40th Anniversary Scam and how the people are being scammed? Read ahead and get the details.

Are you aware of the Costco scam? Well, you can know about it through the information that is provided below.

The scam is popular in the regions of Canada, the United States. People are mentioning the trick and how scammers are influencing people.

Costco 40th Anniversary Scam helps in knowing that many anniversary scams happened earlier as well, and this is not a new one but another in the race.

What is the news about?

The news is regarding the Costco anniversary cam circling and how scammers are taking the opportunity. Scammers try to imitate well-known brands and spread promotional campaigns through social media.

These scammers can even hack social media accounts. They ask you to fill out the survey, exposing your personal information. Not only this, by filling in these surveys, you are even sending Costco 40th Anniversary Scam links to the contacts as well.

The tricks that the scammers perform request you to click on a specific link and ask you to take a review. Or they even lure the people by offering some gift vouchers. The scams show that the links sent on social media platforms involve the audience in taking any poll or mentioning its overviews.

Along with this, we see that in some scams, the price of the gift voucher is 80000, which is luring people, and as a result, they are ending up risking their personal information.

How to evade Costco 40th Anniversary Scam?

To stay safe and avoid the scam, the users need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of Costco and get the legit promotional information of the campaign.
  • Next, it is essential that if you get any social media links, do not believe in them and click them straightaway.
  • Download the scam check extension on your browser. Doing this will block all the dangerous and scam messages to reach you.
  • Various other sites help you stay protected from cyber attacks, so use any of them.

Views of people on Costco 40th Anniversary Scam:

It is seen that as the Costco 40th Anniversary is coming, the scammers have become quite active, and they are sending links on social media claiming rewards and gifts vouchers. But the users who click these end up risking their personal information and data.

Many scams like these have happened earlier, so it is essential to avoid any such message. WE suggest readers to check How To Avoid A Scam?

The bottom line:

Thus, we see that it is a scam, and if Costco launches any gift vouchers or rewards on its 40th anniversary, they will be available on the official site as well.

So, it is essential that you stay safe and protected through the Costco 40th Anniversary Scam and do not fill out any surveys.

Have you ever been scammed? Do mention your experiences in the comments.

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