Nurdle Game Online Free (Mar) All About The Number Game!

Nurdle Game Online Free is all the new trends! Have you played it yet? If not, read to know all the information!

If you are a big fan of online games, then you have come to the right place! We have brought you a great online game available to play for free.

People are asking about its rules and the correct way to play it. Do not worry, because we will mention it all in this article.

So, are you excited to learn about this Worldwide famous game and give it a try yourself? But before we start, we would like to inform you that the correct searchability is Nerdle in Nurdle Game Online Free.

What is Nurdle Game?

Nerdle Game is the new exciting and entertaining online game for Math lovers who like to have fun. The game is challenging yet enjoyable; therefore, you must play it once.

A British data scientist from London, Richard Mann, launched this math version of the popular Wordle game after his teen daughter wished there was a Wordle game for the math nerds.

So, all thanks to Mann’s daughter, we now have the Wordle equivalent for math fans.

This game appeared a month ago, and people share their game results on social media.

The Gameplay of Nurdle Game Online Free

Nerdle is a tricky yet straightforward game for the brain. You can play it online for free through its official website.

Like Wordle, you have to guess the Nerdle in six tries by judging the word that fills all the tiles. 

The colour of the tile changes to show how near your guess is: purple tile means the word is the solution but in the wrong place; green tile means the solution is right and in the correct place and a black tile in the Nurdle Game Online Free means the entered word is not a solution.

Thus, playing this fantastic game is trouble-free.

Things To Know Before Playing Nurdle Game

Here is the list of rules to follow and keep in mind while playing this online free Nerdle game:

  • You get 6 tries, and each guess is a math calculation.
  • You can use the number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and the characters: +, -, *, /, =.
  • Each guess must contain the “is equal to (=)” sign.
  • In the Nurdle Game Online Free, the letter to the right of “=” should only be a number.
  • The standard Mathematics rule of BODMAS applies; therefore, you should calculate division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.
  • The order of the calculation matters in the Nerdle game. Thus, if the answer is 20+45=65, 45+20=65 is not a close guess.

Please go through these rules once and understand them thoroughly to get a good score in the game.

The Final Words

The Internet is going wild over this Wordle-inspired game for math lovers.

Nurdle Game Online Free is a Worldwide popular online game that you can play from its official website. We have already mentioned the rules and the guide on playing the game.

Also, make sure to look for Nerdle and not Nurdle.

If you have further queries, ask us in the comment section!

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