What Holiday Is Monday June 20TH {June} About Juneteenth

Scroll down the below article to get the list of coming Federal Holidays and also learn about What Holiday Is Monday June 20TH.

Are you looking for the coming Federal Holidays? Many people are curious to know the holiday list to get information for a holiday or want to make some plans or outings. Therefore, many people in the United States are looking for holiday details coming on Monday, 20th June.  

Earlier, no such Federal Holiday was celebrated in June, but this year Monday is coming under Federal Holiday. Hence, people keenly want to know: What Holiday Is Monday June 20TH! Let’s check the story behind this added event. 

Why does the government put 20th June as a Federal Holiday? 

In Washington, on 17th June 2021, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, signed the Juneteenth Day Act as National Independence Day for the date 19th June. This protocol was done in the White House, East Room. 

But, this year, the 19th of June comes on Sunday. Hence, the Federal Holiday will be followed on 20th June 2022, i.e., on Monday. This act proclaimed the end of slavery in the US and was considered the nation’s Second Day of Independence.

What things are closed and open under What Holiday Is June 20TH 2022

  • What’s closed:
  • Majorly private and public schools will remain closed. 
  • All the stock markets will remain close.
  • USPS will also remain shut on this Day. 
  • Target, Nike, and Best Buy companies also announced to be closed for this Day. 
  • All the offices and non-government federal buildings will also remain closed. 
  • What’s Open:
  • Major retail shops will remain open. 
  • Grocery and chain stores are not closed. 
  • The majority of restaurants will remain open.

List of coming Federal Holidays

For the year 2022, let’s give you a complete list of Federal Holidays from June till December to know the next What Holiday Is Coming Up!

Day Date Holiday Name
Sunday 06-19-2022 Juneteenth
Monday  06-20-2022 Juneteenth (in lieu)*
Monday  07-04-2022 Independence Day
Monday  09-05-2022 Labor Day
Monday 10-10-2022 Columbus Day
Friday 11-11-2022 Veterans Day
Thursday 11-24-2022 Thanksgiving
Sunday 12-25-2022 Christmas Day
Monday 12-26-2022 Christmas Day (in lieu)*

(In lieu)* – As per the US Holiday rules, if any holiday comes on Saturday, the preceding day, i.e., Friday, will be considered off. And if any Holiday comes on Sunday, the following day, i.e., Monday, will be taken as a holiday.

Why is What Holiday Is Monday June 20TH trending?

This Day was not celebrated previously. But, after the consideration is taken and signed by the US president on 17th June 2021 in Washington’s White House for the 19th June of every year as Juneteenth as a Federal Holiday. Hence, people are confused as many are not aware of this Day. So, the people are keenly looking for the details for this holiday.

The Last Words

Based on internet research, we can say the Juneteenth is coming on Sunday. Hence 20th will be considered a federal holiday. Hopefully, all the readers got their answer: What Holiday Is Monday June 20TH.

Is there anything else we can guide you with the Federal Holiday details? Please let us know your query via comments.

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