What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines {Mar}

In this post, we have discussed the Traveling Merchant in Pet Simulator X and at What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn in Philippines.

Are you a fan of the casual game Pet Simulator X? Do you know more about the Traveling Merchant at his spawn timing? If yes, tune into the post.

The Traveling Merchant is among the particular merchants who sell unique pets. Many Pet Simulator X gamers worldwide, especially in the Philippines, want to know more about him and the timing he spawns. So, in this post, we will talk about the Traveling Agents, their features and at What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines

What is a Traveling Merchant in Pet Simulator X? 

The Travelling Merchant is a travelling shop in the Pet Simulator X video game. It spawns at the shop location of Biome. The exact location of the Traveling Merchant shop is in Spawn world at Shop & Trading Plaza in the game. The Traveling shop merchant only remains at his spot for a certain period of time. 

It was introduced on 4th September 2021 in the Pet Simulator X Update 5 along with the Twitter Reward, 2X Coin event, Trade Interface Changes, Ultra Buff & Boost Icon Upgrades, and some other fixes. 

Before knowing Traveling Merchant Spawn Time Philippines, let us discuss the features of the Traveling Merchant. 

Features of the Traveling Merchant 

  • The Travelling Merchant arrives occasionally with three rare, distinct & unique high-level pets for players on sale. Sometimes he also sells the famous Rainbow Mythical unique pets. 
  • The Traveling Merchant doesn’t sell pets at a lower price like Mystery Merchant, which sells at a 65% lower price than Traveling Merchant. Thus, any pet can cost a significant number of diamonds to buy from Traveling Merchant. 
  • Some pets require a level of respect to purchase them, and the more transactions they make with the Traveling Merchant, the more respect they will earn. 

What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines?

The Travelling Merchant spawns randomly within the Shop & Trading Plaza at the Spawn World. It arrives randomly every 20 minutes to a few hours and only remains at his place for about 10 minutes. 

There may be chances that the Travelling Merchant spawns too many times a day or only once. Therefore, there is no fixed schedule for the Traveling Merchant in the Philippines or other nations, unlike the Mystery Merchant, who has fixed spawn time.

Though there is no fixed time, players globally receive a notification in their chat box when the Travelling Merchant Arrives. So, players should always check their chat boxes to know What Time Traveling Merchant Spawn In Philippines and what slots are allotted for the merchant’s spawn.

The players should act as soon as they get the notification of the Traveling Merchants arrival. They should make their way to the Spawn world in the magnificent Shop & Trading Plaza and make a strong purchase within the 10 minutes available at the location.


The Traveling Merchant, who sells unique pets like Rainbow Mythical pets, spawns randomly. Players need to always check their notifications to catch when it arrives and buy the pets they are looking for. Visit this Traveling Merchant fan page  for more details. 

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