Is Amber Heard Guilty? Is Johnny Depp Guilty? Find Who Is Guilty Out Of Both!

This article shares all the details about Is Amber Heard Guilty or not and about the court’s reaction at the end. Follow our article for the latest updates.

The news about the allegation made by Johnny Deep against her ex-wife Amber Heard in the court is noticed by everyone Worldwide. The entire Americans eye on this defamation made against actress Amber Heard. While everyone is confused about whom to make guilty as the deeper the case goes, the more confusing it gets.

So today, in this article, we will focus on the allegation made by Jonny Deep and will try to understand Is Amber Heard Guilty? If you are in search of this answer, follow the article below.

Result of the allegation against Amber Heard:

While both the actor and the actress are accusing each other and telling each other guilty of the $50 million defamation, on Tuesday while Amber has made a counted sue of 100 million dollars, saying that Jonny had physically assaulted her.

 Amber heard losses in the mid-trial court, as the judge ruled out. Her allegation of a $100 bid against Jonny Deep presented that Amber had enough evidence to prove that Jonny Deep had physically assaulted her. While the answer is still yet unknown, Johnny Depp Amber Heard Who Is Guilty. To know more about the case, follow our below statements.

How did the Allegation between Jonny And Amber start?

Mr Deep has filed a case against his Ex-wife for 50 million dollars on an op-ed written by his ex-wife back in 2018 about assaulting her. 

The Op-ed does not contain the name of Jonny but claims that she was continuously being assaulted. As a result, she had to face many difficult things and go through trauma.

Jonny made $50 million defamation against the actress op-ed written against Jonny Deep for this reason. While the result of the lawsuit on whether Is Amber Heard Guilty? is still not clear to date. Deep has filed a case against Amber, stating that he has never hit any women, and the op-ed made by her ex-wife has caused harm to his reputation.

A statement made in Jonny’s Deep Testimony:

Mr Deep stated that he has never hit any woman or assaulted her during their relationship. But it was her who became toxic during their relationship and made physical Violence. And all the statements made by actress Head are wrong. But in the end, it just went against Jonny deep as there was sufficient evidence found to confirm the statement made by Amber Heard.   

Court’s reaction on Is Johnny Depp Guilty?

While it was made clear by the judges that Jonny Deep had assaulted her and left her in trauma during their relationship as there was quite an evidence 

in the form of written text saying to others that she was a worthless Hooker found against Mr Deep. 

Please note that all the details are from the web, we are only presenting it. We are not in favour of anyone.


The case has left everyone in some confusion while the statement made by Heard was found sufficient. And this article was shared, and to know more about the case between Jonny Deep vs Amber Heardclick on this link.

This article provides all the details you should know on Is Amber Heard Guilty or not, and the testimony of both the actor and actress made the court.

Who do you think on Jonny Deep vs Amber Heard’s case? Share your Views.

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