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Peter Navarro is the economist working in the Trump administration. Donald Trump was the former President of the United States, and Peter was a member of his administration council. We are here with updates on his current position, so make sure to read the complete article on Wiki Peter Navarro.

About his current position:

In December, Donald Trump selected Peter Navarro, an economics expert, business Teacher, and outspoken opponent of China’s economic plans, to lead the Trump admin’s National Trade Committee. On the trade war between China and the formation of the USMCA, the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, & Canada, Navarro was a prominent voice inside the previous President’s ear.

Before COVID-19 became a global life threat, Navarro was the first of the White House staffers to alert the President about it.

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Wiki Peter Navarro:

Peter was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He studied at Tufts University and went to Harvard University, where he earned an MBA and just a Ph.D. in Economy in 1986. Navarro also served inside the Peace Corps for 3 years in Thailand.

For even more than twenty years, he was a teacher at the University of California-Paul Irvine’s Merage Business school.

According to the NY Times, in Jan 2020, Navarro released a document warning about the virus’s potential consequences if it expanded far outside China.

Navarro as an advisor:

Navarro’s anti-China sentiments finally allowed him to develop a post in the Trumps presidency. We have listed all the details about Wiki Peter Navarro in the above section.

Before that, Navarro functioned as the Republican participant’s special adviser throughout the 2016 presidential contest.

Trump described Navarro as a “visionary thinker” who might “create trade agreements that lower our trade imbalance, improve our GDP, and help to stop the migration of jobs off our shores,” according to Reuters.

Navarro’s selection highlighted a schism amid Trump’s economic experts, separating members into supporters and opponents of free trade. Cruz and Wilbur Ross advocated for protectionist measures, while the rest of Trump’s team supported it very well.

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All through the Trump admin, Peter Navarro served as a director of NTC. Since then, he’s made a name for himself by propagating unproven conspirational theories on news outlets.


Dr. Navarro became somewhat famous for participating in right-wing news organizations to disseminate false claims of electoral fraud. He has served as a special advisor to Trump and been very renowned during the republican ruling. We suggest you read the complete article on the concerned topic to get all the authentic details.

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